‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 Episode 13 Recap: Persuasive Abilities

Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 13 continues to delight superhero fans. In this episode, titled “The Book of Markovia: Chapter Four: Grab the Strap,” the uneasy alliance between the Pierce family and the ASA gets ready to save Lynn Stewart from the Markovians. Meanwhile, Jennifer Pierce is still dealing with the aftermath of finding out that Khalil is alive. This episode also leaves us with interesting questions to consider, so keep reading to explore those.

[Warning: there are spoilers ahead for Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 13.]

Getting ready to save Lynn Stewart in ‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 Episode 13

Christine Adams of Black Lightning season 3 episode 13
Christine Adams (Lynn Stewart) at the Black Lightning Q&A at Comic-Con 2019 | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

The episode starts with Jefferson Pierce video chatting to Gambi and drinking. Apparently, he doesn’t like the name Black Lightning. He also feels bad that being Black Lightning drove a wedge between him and Lynn. He will do whatever he needs to do in order to save her.

Jefferson and his team are training at the ASA. Major Grey is worried they’re not ready to fight the Markovians and says that she can have her best commandos ready. Jefferson says that it’s his mission so he gets to pick the team. Meanwhile, Lynn and Dr. Jace are asked how the metahuman stabilization cures are coming along. 

A new Markovian metahuman known as Gravedigger shows up and takes over the operations. When Lynn refuses to help him, he uses his powers to force her to work on the cures. Back in Freeland, Jennifer tries to convince Khalil to come with them to help save her mother. He refuses, stating that he can’t be trusted as Painkiller is still inside him somewhere.

Mind control and saving the day in ‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 Episode 13

Dr. Jace tells Lynn that Gravedigger has mind control powers. Lynn asks her for the Glimmer, the Green Light drug that she had before, and takes a bunch of it. This allows her to defy Gravedigger and stop working on the stabilization cure. Meanwhile, Jefferson talks to Khalil.

Khalil is planning on leaving Freeland but Jefferson wants him to come to Markovia with his team and help to save Lynn. Jefferson tells Khalil that if he ever changes his mind, he can come with them. Meanwhile, back in Markovia, Gravedigger tries to get Lynn to work faster using his powers. She says she needs his blood since he’s a stable metahuman. 

Khalil decides, in the end, to go to Markovia with Jefferson and his team, and he arrives just before they head off. Once on the plane, Sergeant Grayle tells Jefferson that he and metahuman kid Erica were ordered to kill Lynn if they can’t save her. TC says that he disabled the chip in Erica’s head so she won’t kill Lynn. The mission begins with Black Lightning taking out a bunch of Markovian soldiers and Grace shapeshifting to get into a secure area.

While everyone is trying to rescue Lynn, Lynn has given herself Gravedigger’s powers and forces her first captor to lead her outside. Khalil then fights Gravedigger and barely manages to escape. Jennifer finds her mother and leads her outside, but Jefferson isn’t there since he was shot by Gravedigger. Gravedigger follows everyone out and tries to force them to hand over Lynn, but she agrees to go with him.

Then, suddenly, Black Lightning appears and attacks Gravedigger, allowing Lynn to escape him once again. Lynn says she loves Jefferson and the Pierce family hugs. The team then leaves Markovia, heading back to Freeland.

Burning questions about ‘Black Lightning’

This episode of Black Lightning leaves us with some questions. Considering these questions might lead to figuring out where the show is going. One question to think about is: Will Khalil leave Freeland now that Lynn is saved?

Will Brandon succeed in killing Dr. Jace? What is Gravedigger’s role in the war to come with Markovia? Let’s explore possible answers to these questions.

Khalil might seem like he wants to leave Freeland, but he also came along to save Lynn. So maybe he will stick around, perhaps even rekindle his relationship with Jennifer. However, in order to do so, he will have to get over the intense self-hatred he has for his time as Painkiller. Brandon might succeed in killing Dr. Jace, he certainly seems powerful enough to do so.

Yet does the young man really want that on his conscience? Other than his intense need for revenge, he seems like a good kid, so it’s possible he could be talked out of his revenge plot. Gravedigger is probably not doing too well after Black Lightning’s attack, yet he might be useful given his powers of persuasion, in the war to come. The Markovians might have to do without him for a while, but it seems possible such an intriguing and powerful character will return.