‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Markovians and Blackbirds

Black Lightning is continuing to thrill superhero fans. Season 3 Episode 2 was definitely exciting and kept fans on the edge of their seat at every moment. Freeland is not the same as when we left it at the end of season 2.

Warning: there are spoilers ahead for season 3 episode 2 of Black Lightning. So if you don’t want to find out what happened, stop reading now. If you’ve already seen the episode or would like to be spoiled, keep reading!

Christine Adams at the Black Lightning Q& A during Comic Con 2018
Christine Adams at the Black Lightning Q & A during Comic Con 2018 | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

What are Jefferson Pierce and Lynn Stewart up to in ‘Black Lightning’ season 3 episode 2?

Jefferson and Lynn are still locked up in an ASA facility which is supposedly for their safety, though how safe they are depends on how much you trust Agent Odell. They’re not the only ones there, however. A teenage girl named Maryam is there with them and she’s not feeling well. Season 3 Episode 2 of Black Lightning opens with her asking for help.

Maryam has found that she can’t eat, her hair is falling out, and her fingernails are coming off. Will she get help? More on that later. Jefferson and Lynn discuss their situation and Jefferson believes that Agent Odell is playing them, especially Lynn.

Commander Williams shows up in their room. He calls Jefferson a “meta” and Jefferson wants to know why that sounds like such a bad word coming from him. After Jefferson calms down, he asks to see his children. Williams refuses but asks Jefferson and Lynn to follow him.

He takes them to a new room that is a lot nicer than their previous one, that is stocked with all of their favorite things. The ASA wants Lynn to help them with the children that were in the pods and the Green Light users. Jefferson is still suspicious and wonders if the Markovians are actually a threat. The show later shows a group of Markovians arriving, and they do seem rather threatening.

Who else does the episode follow?

After showing what’s going on in the ASA facility, the episode moves to Latavius Johnson, also known as Lala, who is alive yet again. He apparently has the ASA’s briefcase but says that it belongs to Tobias Whale and that he’s waiting for Tobias to find him. Deputy Chief Henderson holds a press conference stating that the ASA now needs to approve any media going in or out of Freeland, since the Markovians discovered things due to the media. That doesn’t stop Jamillah Olsen, the news reporter stuck in Freeland, from reporting what’s going on, however.

She wonders where Black Lightning and Thunder are when Freeland is in such a crisis and mentions that the people still have some hope due to the hero they are calling Blackbird. Unbeknownst to her, Blackbird is really Anissa, also known as Thunder. Later on in the episode, Henderson is talking to his officers when Commander Williams shows up. He declares martial law and takes one of the officers who is a Green Light user and therefore a possible metahuman.

What is going on with Anissa and Jennifer?

Anissa is stuck outside the perimeter of Freeland but is alright. She is helping those who she rescued from the bus get out of the area but first, they need to get some food in them. A young woman, one of the Perdi that she saved last season, is helping her but is not happy. Things escalate and Anissa has to fight some of the woman’s allies, but everything works out in the end with them.

Meanwhile, Jennifer is paid a visit by Agent Odell, who is looking for Anissa. He gives her a phone with a message from her parents on it and says that she can call him any time. Jennifer later deals with a fight going on in school and ends up using her powers a little in order to stop it.

What does Gambi get up to?

Peter Gambi meets with Deputy Chief Henderson to get something to help contact Anissa. Henderson initially refuses to help but in the end, Gambi must convince him, because later on in the episode Henderson confronts Commander Williams about his officer and Gambi sneaks in and takes the communication device he needs. When he finally does contact Anissa, he tells her that Markovians are on the way to where she is.

Anissa, still in her guise as Blackbird, launches a surprise attack on the Markovians. Meanwhile, back at the ASA facility, Jefferson and Lynn are trying to help Maryam. Things don’t go well and the teenager ends up collapsing. Later, when she’s feeling a little better, she tells Jefferson what she’s seen in the facility.

Meanwhile, Agent Odell is revealed to be keeping watch over Khalil, who is known as Painkiller and has had his brain wiped with a chip. He is given a target to kill: his mother. He is later shown doing so, which is proof that the chip works on humans and metahumans alike.