‘Black Lightning’: Questions We Have After Season 3 Episode 3

Black Lightning continues to excite fans and leave us with questions to ponder. Including about the latest episode, season 3 episode 3. The answers to some of these questions might be crucial and give a hint of what’s to come for the show.

Spoiler warning time. If you haven’t seen the latest episode of Black Lightning, now is the time to stop reading if you want to. If you have or don’t mind being spoiled, keep reading to find out what questions this episode left us with.

Krondon, China Anne McClain, Cress Williams, at Black Lightning Q& A at Comic Con 2019
Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III, China Anne McClain and Cress Williams of Black Lightning at Comic Con 2019 | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Will the metahuman virus spread?

There is a virus in Freeland and it seems to only be affecting metahumans. Is this just because they’re all locked up by the ASA? Or is there something more to the story? Apparently, the virus is man-made, created by Dr. Jace for the Markovians and spread by Cyclotronic, the metahuman who invaded the ASA facility.

There might be more to it, however. The Markovians may not be the evil they appear to be. And even if they are as evil as they are thought of by the ASA and Agent Odell, that still leaves the question of if the virus will spread. Will Black Lightning get it?

Will Thunder or Lightning get sick? That would be a risky move for the show but they just might go there. If not, then perhaps more of the newer characters will be killed off by the virus, such as the young woman we met in episodes 1 and 2. That would also be interesting and would probably annoy Agent Odell, who hopes to enlist every metahuman he can find in the war to come with Markovia.

Why are the Markovians really there?

Yes, they’re supposedly there to fight the people of Freeland because of the metahumans posing a threat to Markovia. Yet so far they just haven’t done much of anything. Are they just waiting for the right time to strike? Or could it be that the Markovians aren’t trying to threaten Freeland at all?

Though the Markovians can seem threatening, that doesn’t mean they necessarily are. The only person who seems to be really concerned about them is Agent Odell. And, as we’ve mentioned before, he’s not really very trustworthy.

Perhaps the Markovians are, in some strange way, trying to help the people of Freeland. Yet they certainly are going about it wrong. If they’re not the real threat, then why act so threatening? It’s somewhat hard to know, but one thing is clear: there’s probably more to the Markovians than what you can see.

What is Agent Odell up to now and is he trying to control Jefferson/Black Lightning?

Agent Odell is definitely a man who causes a lot of suspicion with fans. It’s hard to know where any of the main characters stand with him. He seems to be a master manipulator and doesn’t care what he has to do to get rid of any perceived threat.

He’s already blamed two deaths on the Markovians when they are really his fault: Issa and Khalil’s mother. And at the end of the episode, before Jefferson is reunited with his family, you see Agent Odell in a room looking at a screen with Jefferson’s picture and the words “hold completed” on it. Does this just mean that Jefferson is no longer in ASA custody or is it something more sinister?

With Agent Odell, it’s hard to know. He definitely seems to be up to something. What that is, we’re not entirely sure but it seems like if anyone is trying to create a metahuman army, it’s him. Hopefully more of his plan will become clear as the season progresses.

Pondering these questions might reveal the secrets of the show. Or it might not, but either way, they’re interesting to think about.