‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Freedom at Last?

Black Lightning is as exciting as ever. Season 3 Episode 3 left fans wanting more of their favorite heroes and villains. The Markovian war is here — or is it? — and Freeland might never be the same.

Warning: there are spoilers ahead for season 3 episode 3 of Black Lightning. So if you don’t want to find out what happened, stop reading now. If you’ve already seen the episode or would like to be spoiled, keep reading!

Black Lightning cast (China Anne McClain, Cress Williams, Nafessa Williams) at San Diego Comic Con
China Anne McClain, Cress Williams and Nafessa Williams at San Diego Comic Con for Black Lightning | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Metahumans in trouble in ‘Black Lightning’ season 3 episode 3

A metahuman disease is spreading in Freeland, and the ASA doesn’t know how to stop it. Police Chief Henderson sees the spread of this disease when he goes to visit his sergeant in the ASA camp where she’s locked up. She tells him she’s sick and that she is not enjoying being a cop in jail. She also asks him to go to a safety deposit box, get the money out of it, and give it to her husband.

This money was supposedly taken from criminals. Henderson reminds her that she is technically a criminal as well but agrees to help her. She thanks him and then faints. He calls for help but it’s too late to save her.

Agent Odell then visits Jefferson and Lynn, asking for Lynn’s help stopping the disease. The two of them are not happy to see the agent, but agree to help him once he mentions that the virus could spread to their daughters. Meanwhile, ASA agents are pursuing Anissa in her disguise as Blackbird. She manages to evade them but texts her sister Jennifer to tell her that she’ll be home late.

New friends and old frenemies

Now that we’re on the topic of Jennifer, a new kid in school comes looking for her. Someone at the front desk told him that no one knows the school like Jennifer does. The two of them head off to go on what becomes quite an unconventional tour.

Meanwhile, Agent Odell comes to visit Jefferson who is alone in his and Lynn’s room at the ASA facility. He gives him a watch that doesn’t seem to work and Jefferson is not impressed. Then the agent tells him to run a current through it and he does and the time comes on the watch.

According to Odell, the watch does a lot more than just tell time. He tells Jefferson to hit it with 10 volts of electricity and see what happens. Jefferson is skeptical but agrees to humor the agent and when he does, a whole new Black Lightning suit materializes on his body. Odell says that the reason Jefferson is being tested by the ASA in the first place is so that they can create technology like that watch to make metahumans’ lives better.

Agent Odell’s plan becomes clear

When Jennifer comes home from school, Agent Odell is there waiting for her. He tells her that the Markovians killed Khalil’s mother, even though it was really Khalil himself on Agent Odell’s orders. He then asks Jennifer to go on a mission for him. She agrees and destroys a Markovian facility. After that, Khalil uses his newly developed martial arts skills to attack a house full of Markovian soldiers.

Meanwhile, Anissa is finally reunited with Grace Choi, her ex-love who seems to be a shapeshifter. Anissa tells her that she doesn’t mind the fact that Grace can shapeshift and that she loves her. Hopefully, the two of them will be able to make things work this time. The fact that they both have abilities will probably help.

Jefferson also goes on a mission for Agent Odell in Black Lightning season 3 episode 3. He is sent to rescue ASA soldiers who had been taken by the Markovians. Except that wasn’t the whole truth. It turns out that it was all part of Agent Odell’s plan and that the real mission is to find Dr. Jace.

Fortunately, there is a bright side as Jefferson and Lynn get to be reunited with their family at the end of the episode.