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Black Lightning continues to thrill fans. It also leaves us with some questions. Pondering these questions might just reveal what could happen in future episodes.

Spoiler warning time. If you haven’t seen season 3 episode 4 of Black Lightning, don’t read any further if you don’t want to be spoiled. If you have seen the episode or don’t mind spoilers, keep reading and ponder these questions with us.

Will Grace learn to control her powers?

In Black Lightning season 3 episode 4, Grace shapeshifted after witnessing an argument between Anissa and her father Jefferson and becoming upset. So it seems that she is still not the best with controlling her abilities. Will that change? She might need to work on it, especially if she wants to avoid detection by the ASA.

Luckily for Grace, she has Anissa to help her. Anissa seems to be in control of her own abilities and could probably help Grace out with hers. Here’s hoping that Grace is able to figure things out, with Anissa’s help, and avoid getting locked up in an ASA camp. Who knows, perhaps they will become a superhero couple.

That would certainly be exciting for many fans.

Will Lynn develop powers due to her Green Light addiction?

Christine Adams from Black Lightning
Christine Adams at the Black Lightning Q&A at San Diego Comic Con 2019 | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

As it was revealed in the latest episode that Agent Odell is behind Lynn Stewart’s Green Light addiction, we can’t help but wonder why. Why would Agent Odell go to the trouble of getting Lynn to take Green Light? Was it all so she would be able to save the sick metahumans? Or is it something more sinister?

It’s possible that Agent Odell might think that Lynn will develop powers and therefore he will have another metahuman in his army to fight the Markovians. That also leads us to another question: will Lynn indeed develop powers? It could go either way, definitely. Time will tell.

Is Agent Odell trying to control the Pierce family?

Agent Odell seems to always be one step ahead of everyone, including the Pierce family. He gets awfully close to Jennifer in this episode, even giving her a new suit. He also succeeded in getting Lynn addicted to Green Light. Though Anissa and Jefferson are still rebelling, that doesn’t mean the agent isn’t trying to control them.

He even warned Jefferson not to try anything like that again. So is Agent Odell trying to control the Pierce family? It certainly seems like he is. Only time will tell if we’re right, but with the information we have now it certainly seems like Agent Odell is up to something.

Will Jennifer as Lightning and Khalil as Painkiller meet and what will happen if they do?

Khalil is currently under Agent Odell’s control and is known as Painkiller. And with Jennifer getting closer to the agent, it’s possible their paths will cross. Odell might try to prevent that as he probably knows their history. Yet he might not think he needs to.

So will they meet? It could go either way but we think it’s a definite possibility that they will run into each other. And will this bring back Khalil’s memories? That’s also a possibility.

Hopefully, these questions will be answered as the season progresses. We will possibly find out if Grace will learn to control her powers, if Lynn will develop abilities of her own, if Agent Odell is trying to control the Pierce family, and if Khalil as Painkiller and Jennifer as Lightning will meet and what will happen if they do.