‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Is Freeland Really Free?

Black Lightning continues to thrill audiences. In season 3 episode 4, the tension mounts. Freeland is different than it was before, and Jefferson Pierce, also known as Black Lightning, doesn’t know what to do.

Warning: there are spoilers ahead for season 3 episode 4 of Black Lightning. So if you don’t want to find out what happened, stop reading now. If you’ve already seen the episode or would like to be spoiled, keep reading!

Black lightning cast (Krondon, China Anne McClain, Cress Williams) at San Diego Comic Con 2019
Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III, China Anne McClain and Cress Williams at the Black Lightning Q & A at Comic Con 2019 | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Metahuman viruses, Green Light, and checkpoints

Black Lightning season 3 episode 4 starts with Lynn Stewart unsure of how to proceed when it comes to saving the metahumans sick with the virus. All she can seem to figure out is that it has properties similar to Ebola and that it has a lot in common with Green Light. The latter discovery leads to her attempting to remove the harmful elements of the drug and then testing it on herself, making herself smarter and more productive.

Meanwhile, Jefferson Pierce is driving his daughter Jennifer to school when they come across an ASA checkpoint. Jefferson almost uses his powers when there’s an attack on the checkpoint by those fighting against the ASA occupation and the attackers are treated badly by the ASA. Jennifer manages to calm her father down just in time and he is not exposed as a metahuman.

Why is Jefferson Pierce demoted in ‘Black Lightning’ season 3 episode 4?

When Jefferson and Jennifer arrive at the school, they see that all of the students are lined up to be tested for the metahuman gene. The new kid who Jennifer showed around in the previous episode insists that he has already been tested when asked. Hmm, interesting.

Jefferson also finds out that he has been fired from his job. Another teacher has taken over his classes permanently due to the ASA. They have also made Jefferson a guidance counselor and given him a raise and a nicer office.

Jefferson, however, isn’t happy with this demotion. Especially since he has spent so much time making the ASA happy by submitting to their tests. The new principal tells him that since he got a raise and a nice office, he must have done very well on those tests. Jefferson is understandably upset about losing his job, especially after everything he’s been through, and therefore does not want to deal with the principal.

Confrontations and comforting

Elsewhere, Agent Odell tells Khalil/Painkiller to find who is taking his trucks and kill them, a mission that Painkiller takes seriously and eventually completes. At the school, Jefferson is shown a video of Blackbird throwing a tank. He then stops by to visit Anissa at her new home and there he meets Grace. Jefferson and Anissa have an argument and Grace gets upset and shapeshifts.

Anissa later comforts Grace, telling her that she wants her to know that she was in no danger from Jefferson. Anissa also admits to knowing Grace’s original name, Shay Li Wylde, from Gambi. Lynn comes back from work and Jefferson tells her she looks tired. She has to go back to work, so the two of them don’t really have time to work things out.

What is Agent Odell’s plan in ‘Black Lightning’ season 3 episode 4?

Jennifer is discussing the ASA’s occupation with her classmates and she defends them. At that moment, ASA troops come into her classroom and take one of the students, Tavon, who is suspected of being a metahuman. He and other suspected metahumans are later rescued by Black Lightning and Blackbird. Blackbird later smuggles them out of Freeland.

Odell talks to Jefferson about his role in rescuing Tavon and the other suspected metahumans. The agent is, of course, not happy and warns Jefferson not to do something like that again. Odell then meets with Jennifer and gives her a suit and a communication device. He tells her to put the suit on and go up until the device beeps, which she does.

She ends up above the earth and takes in a lot of power. Lynn and Agent Odell are later shown talking. Lynn has had some success with healing the metahumans with the virus but she has become somewhat addicted to Green Light in the process. It is revealed that said addiction is all part of Agent Odell’s plan.

So is Freeland really free with Agent Odell and possibly the Markovians around? That remains to be seen. One thing is certain: this season of Black Lightning is definitely intense and exciting.