‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: Metahuman Battles

Black Lightning continues to delight superhero fans. In season 3 episode 5, the tension rose and everything seemed to be about to explode. Jefferson Pierce, also known as Black Lightning, is still having trouble getting used to the ASA occupation of Freeland and he’s not the only one. Find out more, ahead.

Warning: there are spoilers ahead for season 3 episode 5 of Black Lightning. So for those of you who don’t want to know what happened, stop reading now. If you’ve already seen the episode, or want to know what happened anyway, keep reading.

Black Lightning cast (Krondon, China Anne McClain, Cress Williams) at Comic Con 2019
Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III, China Anne McClain and Cress Williams promoting Black Lightning at Comic-Con 2019 | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Blackbird is “meta-fabulous”

Black Lightning season 3 episode 5 begins with Anissa Pierce sorting through her Blackbird outfits while listening to a recording of someone who calls themself Truthteller Johnson. This person credits Blackbird with saving the prisoners who were illegally locked up by the A.S.A. in the police station. Anissa is glad to get the credit, although she acknowledges that she had help from her father, Black Lightning.

Anissa is later shown giving Grace Choi the meta vaccine, trying to ensure that she will not get the meta virus. She then leaves Grace with Peter Gambi, wanting to make sure that her girlfriend is safe and that the vaccine does not have any side effects. Grace wants her to stay, having a bad feeling about Anissa leaving especially as Blackbird has a price on her head. Anissa reassures Grace that she is “meta-fabulous” and will be ok.

Upset parents and metahuman battles

Meanwhile, Jefferson meets with Tavon’s parents. Tavon is the student who was taken out of class by the A.S.A. in the last episode. His parents are understandably upset at the fact that their son is not with them. Apparently, Tavon’s parents have proof that their son isn’t a metahuman and therefore the A.S.A. took him unnecessarily.

Jefferson gives them his word that he will get their son back. So he calls Anissa while she’s out as Blackbird and asks her to bring Tavon back home. She thinks it’s a bad idea but reluctantly agrees. What she doesn’t know is that Agent Odell has sent Khalil, known as Painkiller, after her.

The two end up sparring, with Anissa/Blackbird barely getting away from Painkiller with Tavon. She calls for help and her father Black Lightning shows up in the tunnels under Freeland. Unfortunately, it’s too late to save Tavon, who has been hit with Painkiller’s venom.

What about Jennifer?

Jennifer isn’t feeling too well in Black Lightning season 3 episode 5. She wants to stay home but since Jefferson doesn’t think she has a fever, he makes her go to school. Her powers are acting up, which leads her to borrow a jacket from the new kid in school, Brandon. Even with the jacket, her powers keep getting the better of her and she breaks all of the computers in the classroom.

Later on, Brandon meets her at her locker and talks to her when they hear some kind of commotion going on at the front steps of the school. Tavon’s death has reached the students and they blame the A.S.A. One student shows a picture of Tavon to one of the A.S.A. soldiers stationed outside the school, and the students begin chanting his name. The A.S.A. soldiers react badly to that and a kid gets injured.

What’s all the commotion for in ‘Black Lightning’ season 3 episode 5?

Jefferson, hearing the commotion, yells at the A.S.A. soldier for assaulting a student at school. The soldiers don’t like that either and begin beating up Jefferson. He almost uses his powers on them but sees Jennifer just in time and is able to calm down. Poor Jennifer has to witness her father getting beaten and wants to go help him but Brandon stops her and somehow absorbs her powers without any negative effects.

Jennifer later goes to Agent Odell and yells at him for allowing his guards to treat her father like that. Odell claims that they acted of their own accord and takes Jennifer to where they are, while she’s dressed up as Lightning. Jennifer is then able to get revenge.

Meanwhile, Lynn Stewart has to treat Tobias as a patient and later chastises Agent Odell because Tobias threatens to kill Jefferson and seems to know at least that her daughters are metahumans. Chief Henderson also seems to arrest Two-Bits and Reverend Holt but instead takes them to a deserted area where he reveals that he is resisting the A.S.A. occupation of Freeland. He asks both men to join him but they worry that they can’t revolt against the A.S.A. on their own. Henderson then says that they won’t be on their own, revealing that they will have Blackbird’s help.