‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Revolutions

Black Lightning continues to thrill superhero fans. In season 3 episode 6, “The Book of Resistance: Chapter One: Knocking on Heaven’s Door,” the tension became even more explosive. Many members of the Pierce family have to face the consequences of their actions, as Freeland is becoming more and more unfamiliar to them.

Warning: there are spoilers ahead for season 3 episode 6 of Black Lightning. So for those of you who don’t want to know what happened, stop reading now. If you’ve already seen the episode, or want to know what happened anyway, keep reading.

Sickness and funerals in ‘Black Lightning’ season 3 episode 6

Anissa Pierce, also known as Thunder and now Blackbird, is not feeling too well at the beginning of the episode. Actually, she’s in grave danger with Painkiller’s venom running through her veins. So she’s recording a message to her family just in case something happens to her. She believes, however, that it was all worth it and that her parents as well as her “Uncle” Peter Gambi taught her to stand up for what she believes in.

The show then moves to 30 hours earlier, showing the Pierce family, except Jennifer, at Tavon’s funeral service. Lynn is proud of Jefferson for not going out as Black Lightning, trying to avenge Tavon’s death. Anissa wonders why her mother is proud of that, and she and Jefferson leave the church, upset, eventually followed by Lynn as well. On their way out, they run into Jamillah Olsen, who wants to interview Jefferson.

Jefferson doesn’t answer her questions until she asks him what he would say to Tavon. He answers that he would tell Tavon how proud he was of him, how Tavon inspired Jefferson and others to be the best version of themselves, and that Tavon’s death will not be in vain.

Arguments and bad news

The following day, Jefferson and Lynn argue since he did decide to go out as Black Lightning and attempt to avenge Tavon’s death. Lynn is upset that he put their family at risk from Agent Odell and feels that Jefferson is only thinking of himself. She still feels like his superhero activities are not done to help the community, but to satisfy Jefferson himself and his desire to be a hero.

Meanwhile, Gambi is with Anissa, asking her if she wants to talk about Tavon’s death. She doesn’t, which is just as well since Gambi has some bad news for her. Painkiller’s venom is currently suppressing her metahuman healing abilities. If she wasn’t a metahuman, she would have ended up just like Tavon.

Gambi tells her that he will work on an antidote but that she only has a week or two left and that she should tell her parents. She tells him that she won’t and that he shouldn’t either. They argue a bit about it, and finally he agrees to give her a day. If he can’t figure out how to heal her in that amount of time, then she will decide how to tell her parents what’s going on.

Revolutions and revelations

Black Lightning cast (Cress Williams, Christine Adams) season 3 episode 6
Cress Williams and Christine Adams promoting Black Lightning at Comic-Con 2018 | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Henderson meets with his fellow rebels and complains about the ASA spreading lies about them and what they’re doing. He also tells them that Truthteller Johnson has been killed and therefore they need a new voice for the resistance against the A.S.A. occupation. Henderson eventually recruits Jamillah.

Meanwhile, Anissa seems to be getting worse, though she tries to downplay it when Grace asks her. Grace reveals that she smells like death to which Anissa replies that it had taken them this long to get together, Anissa is not about to leave Grace now. Unfortunately, Grace later finds Anissa in a bad state and needs to call Gambi for help.

Gambi comes over, administers an antidote, and then leaves, telling Grace to call him if Anissa’s condition gets worse again. Meanwhile, the Markovians are on the move. At least, two of them are. One of them teleports into an ASA truck and kills the ASA soldiers in it before heading to an ASA site with the other Markovian.

Agent Odell, of course, is on to the Markovians and meets them at the ASA headquarters. A fight breaks out and Agent Odell is shot, with Black Lightning showing up in time to frighten away the two Markovians. Odell calls him “pathetic” for not killing the Markovians when he had the chance and then dies. Meanwhile, Gambi finds out that Khalil’s grave is empty and Lynn leaves Jefferson, claiming she’s done.