Strange Fan Theories About ‘Black Lightning’ That Will Have You Thinking What If

Fan theories are interesting. Some of them can be great and some of them make no sense. Yet it’s interesting to wonder what the show would be like if all these theories were true.

Black Lightning would certainly be a different show if, for example, Tobias Whale and Jefferson Pierce were related. Yet what if they were? It is interesting to think about, anyway. Though most of these fan theories will probably not come to fruition in the show, they’re nice to speculate about and wonder what if.

Black Lightning cast at SDCC 2018
Krondon, Cress Williams, Christine Adams, Nafessa Williams, China Anne McClain, James Remar, and Damon Gupton promoting Black Lightning at SDCC 2018 | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

What if Perenna was somehow the Martian Manhunter?

First of all, we should probably remind you all who Perenna is. She’s the meta-human therapist who is helping Jennifer get used to her powers. This theory might seem like a bit of a stretch, but who knows? Stranger things have happened in the Black Lightning universe.

According to one Reddit user, this theory is because she seemingly came out of nowhere, which is kind of true. She also has no known origin or relatives and is a telepath. These facts in and of themselves do not necessarily mean she’s the Martain Manhunter, yet what if she was? How would it affect the show?

Well, it would probably mean that Supergirl, Superman, and The Flash would exist in the same world as Black Lightning. That would be an interesting crossover. It would also mean that Perenna would be keeping a secret from Jennifer and the rest of the Pierce family. So while this theory is an unlikely one, it’s interesting to think about the possibilities that this theory presents.

What if Tobias Whale and Jefferson Pierce of ‘Black Lightning’ were related?

According to one fan, it’s a possibility. Perhaps an unlikely one, yet still a possibility. This theory is based on the fact that Tobias’ mother ran away from her husband and could, therefore, have been with someone else, at least for a certain period of time.

This theory is unlikely to ever come to fruition in the show, yet it’s interesting to wonder what if. What if they were related? It would certainly cause a lot of trouble for both characters. And that would be interesting to watch.

What if Khalil’s diagnosis was the first step in Tobias’ plan?

We have to admit, this theory is somewhat plausible. It does sound like something Tobias would do. Yet how would he have gotten to the doctors in time, what would he have used to persuade them? Who knows, yet this theory is certainly an interesting one.

One fan believes that the first step in Tobias’ plan was to make Khalil happy with gifts. The second step was to convince the doctors to give the wrong diagnosis. And the third step was to get Khalil to hate Black Lightning for what he supposedly did to him. Though this does sound like Tobias, it’s still unlikely that this fan theory will play out in the show.

If it did, though, it would mean that Tobias was more involved with Khalil’s life than we previously thought. That would be interesting to explore, definitely. Though poor Khalil if it was true. That would mean a supervillain took an interest in him even earlier than we thought, and that’s never a good thing.

Black Lightning certainly has some interesting fan theories. Keep them coming, fans. They are part of what makes fan bases like this one special.