‘Black Panther 2’: Fans Want Letitia Wright’s Character to Take a Big Step Forward

The first Black Panther movies were released by the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in January, 2018, and while we still have a few years before the 2022 speculated release of Black Panther 2, fans are voicing their opinion on which character they would like to see step into the role as iconic leader of the Kingdom of Wakanda and Marvel superhero role.

T’Challa’s teenage sister, Princess Shuri, played by Letitia Wright, is one of the most popular MCU characters to emerge from the first Black Panther movie.

Fans really took to her quick wit and over-the-top, tech-geek genius. The hope is that since Shuri is such a fan-favorite, the Disney-owned franchise will see the benefit of elevating Letitia Wright to the status to that of the sovereign ruler of the nation of Wakanda.

Fans love Letitia Wright and Shuri 

Letitia Wright on the red carpet
Letitia Wright | Gisela Schober/Getty Images for Cartier

What is about Letitia Wright that has captured fan’s hearts and minds. Well, her Black Panther character was a God-send. Instead of being a one-dimensional supporting character, Wright intertwined humor, power, intelligence, sensitivity and some pretty awesome fighting skills to create a memorable sister-in-arms character for the main role. But, this isn’t the first or only time Letitia has shown up and shown out.

The 25-year-old Letitia Wright has also garnered an Emmy nomination for her turn on Netflix’s Black Mirror, a show known for its unsettling tales of technological caution. 

Letitia Wright starred in the show’s fourth season episode entitled “Black Museum,” which aired less than two months before Wright’s major role as Princess Shuri in Marvel Studios’ Black Panther.

Shuri’s show-stealing comedy

While it was certainly refreshing to witness a young, black, female nerd role played with such ease, the real human side of Shuri was also stunningly portrayed as beautiful, well-rounded, and extremely loyal and loving to her family’s royal history and present lives. But, it may have been the many show-stealing, funny quotes from Shuri that won the hearts and adoration of fans worldwide, including these memorable Shuri quotes:

“Do you think it’s a good idea to bring your ex on a mission?”

“Great, another broken white boy for us to fix!”

“When you said you would take me to California for the first time, I thought you meant Coachella or Disneyland.”

“This corset is really uncomfortable, so can we all wrap this up and go home?”

As you watch Black Panther for the second or 50th time, pay close attention to Letitia Wright’s spot-on, witty but wise comedy that combines keen observation with laser-like wordplay.

Will Shuri step forward in the MCU?

In the Marvel universe, almost anything can happen, but one thing that doesn’t happen often is a superhero that changes race or gender – but it is not unheard of.

In 1968, Carol Danvers went from a female supporting character role in Marvel’s first Captain Marvel series to becoming Captain Marvel herself in 2012. 

John Stewart was the first African-American superhero to appear in DC Comics playing the lead character as the Green Lantern.

And Carrie Kelley was the replacement superhero adopting the identity of Robin, the formerly-boy wonder in the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns series in 1986. 

Will Shuri take a big step forward to become the next ruler of Wakanda. Actress Letitia Wright has been dropping hints for what might be her next role as the Black Panther in the upcoming and not yet titled Avengers 4. 

But, only time will tell. For now, Wright is enjoying her new as a “Disney Princess.” 

As a princess, Shuri stands to inherit the kingdom of Wakanda if something were to happen to T’Challa.