‘Black Panther 2’: This Marvel Character is Rumored To Be the Villain

Dedicated Marvel fans who are still celebrating the launch of the company’s upcoming projects for Phases 4 and 5 know that there’s a Black Panther 2 in the mix. After the first film grossed over $1 billion in 2018, there was no doubt that a sequel would follow. Black Panther, like other Marvel heroes, has a rich catalog to choose from for storylines, but where will part two take audiences?

Since the internet is a wondrous place where fact, fiction, and rumor converge, it’s totally possibly to dig up a credible theory about a movie or TV show. Since Marvel has given fans so much to anticipate over the course of the next gazillion years, theories are afoot about who will play Black Panther’s adversary in the next movie. What say the internet and comic book junkies? Namor.

Chadwick Boseman
Chadwick Boseman at Black Panther premiere | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Who is Namor the Sub-Mariner in Marvel history?

When you talk about Namor, you can’t help but talk about DC’s Aquaman. Both are from Atlantis, both are royalty, and both are half-human, half-aquatic. Now that that’s out of our system, we can discuss Namor’s characteristics and history in Marvel’s comic books.

This sometimes-hero, sometimes-villain has a long history where he’s been both a friend and enemy of humans. His relationships with other superheroes have been the same way, but at times Namor has joined forces with the Avengers, the Defenders, X-Men, and was part of a special group with Tony Stark called the Illuminati. What ticks him off the most? Transgressions against his home—Atlantis or the seas—and slights against his family. Per his Marvel bio, his powers are strength, telepathy, flying, and “durability.”

During his off and on stints as a bad guy, he’s been in league with Magneto and Dr. Doom. There’s more.

People think it’d be cool if Namor suited up for a fight with Black Panther

Inverse illustriously pointed out that Namor has had it out for Wakanda for a while. Once, he flooded the entire kingdom just because and, in another instance, Namor tricked Thanos into tearing up Wakanda during his search for the Infinity Stones. Saying he and T’Challa don’t get along is an understatement.

The other clue they mentioned is a moment in Endgame when Okoye was speaking to Black Widow about an underwater earthquake. It could possibly be a setup for this character’s introduction. What could hinder the idea of a match between Black Panther and Namor is licensing. Like other Marvel characters, there are certain stipulations in place for the use of Namor.

What is known about ‘Black Panther 2’

Nothing is set in concrete about the sequel except the fact that one is on the way. CinemaBlend estimates that fans might see it sometime in 2021 or 2022 (perhaps in February as with the first).

The outlet also reported that Ryan Coogler will be back to helm the second installment, and the characters Okoye, Shuri, T’Challa, will be returning. It’s also a possibility that Agent Everett Ross will be back in Wakanda. Since production has not begun on the film yet, fans are hoping that Marvel will divvy out tiny pieces of information at D23 or during other events about the storyline and the villain.