‘Black Panther’ Fans Shouldn’t Expect a Sequel Anytime Soon, But One Is On the Way

Any of you who watched or attended the D23 Expo will know that Marvel and Disney gave us a news dump of a lifetime. You can argue the slate of movies and streaming projects they have planned is a little bit overwhelming in the A-list talent they’ve landed and the writing teams. Amid the chaos, though, we did learn there’s going to be a Black Panther 2…eventually.

Black Panther cast
Black Panther cast | Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images for Disney

It might disappoint some Marvel fans on how long everyone will have to wait for this sequel, though. Not that the impact of it won’t resonate even more in making everyone wait.

How long will it be? When you know the date, you might consider it perfect timing for the times we live in.

A three-year wait doesn’t seem overly long nowadays

According to the D23 Expo panel, you can expect Black Panther 2 on May 6, 2022, kicking off the early summer movie season then. Ryan Coogler will also be back to direct, giving it the needed elements to succeed all over again.

Some fans might be uneasy they have to wait so long to see a follow-up after the massive cultural impact the first film made. There was already clear indication from the last Comic-Con in San Diego there wouldn’t be a Black Panther 2 in 2021 after a massive new MCU slate was announced for the next couple of years.

Marvel stayed quiet about it until the explanation and release date at D23. Perhaps this was done deliberately to keep everyone abuzz about its prospects. However, Black Panther star Martin Freeman made comment about it recently before the D23 Expo took place.

According to Freeman then, he figured the shooting date would be at some point in 2021. Now we know he was right on the money, if not even earlier to make sure this film lives up to its high ideals.

Taking their time to create another ‘Black Panther’ classic

Ryan Coogler was quoted as saying at D23 they’ll be “taking their time” with the movie so they get every element the way they want it. They seemed to have done that with the first film as well considering filming started more than a year and a half before release, plus reams of African history research done.

Now with more than three years away from release, the film has plenty of room to go even further on widening the world of Wakanda. We all hope to see and learn a lot more about this fictional African country and about its mythologies/culture.

At the same time, we also want to see what the film will do to connect with what’s going on in our real world as it did somewhat the first time. Having it come out in 2022 might make it perfect timing if our culture is at a crossroads in terms of us all getting along as a society.

When the film last left off, Black Panther (T’Challa) was seen speaking to the United Nations about the role Wakanda plays in being a peaceful country with powerful technology. Of course, we can see this possibly being exploited in the sequel by Americans, something that’s offhandedly related to Avatar.

Will we see Wakanda and America work together, or go to war?

Because Wakanda is such a technologically advanced civilization, you can’t help but see the American government want to exploit what they have. In the first film, we already saw attempts to sell off their technology to other Africans across the globe so they could grow more powerful.

If we see American leaders go after it, the film might outdo Avatar in realizing the massive real-life overtones. With more recent analysis of early slavery in 1600s North America, seeing greedy U.S. forces attempt to take over Wakanda seems like a logical step in mimicking our history. Regardless, let’s keep in mind the plot isn’t confirmed yet.

By 2022, we may be in a place where the second film will resonate at a heightened level. Any saving grace would be we somehow “normalize”/calm in our country before then so any racial parallels won’t be quite so painful to see play out on the big screen.