‘Black Widow’: Are Action Scenes the Key to a Successful Solo Film?

Black Widow was supposed to kick off Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe this past May. Unfortunately, its release has been delayed indefinitely.

With nothing but time on their hands (and no powers like Dr. Strange), anxious Marvel fans are debating what it would take to make the upcoming Black Widow film their favorite Marvel movie of all time.

From more action scenes to bringing back some of Black Widow’s old friends and colleagues, the audience’s demands and expectations are as varied as the Marvel universe itself. 

Fans want Captain America-level action scenes in ‘Black Widow’

Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

“What would it take for Black Widow to become your favorite Marvel movie?” asked Reddit user Anon-Why.

The post quickly received dozens of replies from enthusiastic fans, and one common trend across the board was a demand for more action.

“[I want] action scenes…as good as Winter Soldier,” said Reddit user jmsturm, referring to the blockbuster starring Chris Evans as Captain America

That 2014 film was heralded by critics for relying less on computer-driven special effects and more on real, authentic hand-to-hand combat. For example, reviewer Joe Robberson at Zimbio reported that “with less CGI, the action is more thrilling and the enemy more dangerous.” 

Reddit user jusluchan agreed, posting that they wanted “action sequences that top ‘Civil War’ and ‘Winter Soldier.'”

Fans will likely get their wish. Marvel itself promises that the thriller will be “action packed.” However, Marvel movies are no stranger to CGI, so how Black Widow strikes the right balance remains to be seen.

Marvel audiences hope ‘Black Widow’ features Hawkeye and other fan favorites

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“I wanna see Hawkeye make an appearance,” said Reddit user Anon-Why. Meanwhile, user jmsturm asked for cameos from characters like Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Mockingbird.

IndieWire reports that Tony Stark may indeed pop up in Black Widow. That would be a surprise treat for fans, who last saw Stark sacrificing himself to save the world in Avengers: Endgame

Since Black Widow is a prequel that takes place before the last Avengers movie, this gives Marvel an opportunity to reunite characters who have since passed on. Because of that, fans who want to see Black Widow reunited with other characters like Captain America can keep their hopes up, too. 

‘Black Widow’ fans just want the movie to be released

So far, Marvel and its parent company Disney have not dropped any hints about when Black Widow will finally make it out of production hell and onto the silver screen. So no matter what your dreams might be for its action sequences or character cameos, an actual release date is top of mind for many in the audience. 

“Actually releasing it would be a great start,” said Reddit user rayboner. User zahm2000 agreed, posting: “They could start by actually releasing the damn thing!”

After canceling Black Widow‘s initial May release date, studio executives have kept mum about their newly revised release plans. However, there are rumors that Black Widow could finally see the light of day on streaming platform Disney+.

And it isn’t just MCU fans that want to see Black Widow pushed out online.

Dan Loeb, a major Disney investor, recently told Coming Soon that he wanted to see the Scarlett Johansson-led Marvel film released on Disney+ similar to how Disney released Mulan online after cancelling its theatrical release.