‘Black Widow’ Audio Leaks Online and Gives Marvel Fans Chills

No doubt the security was tight at the recent D23 Expo to avoid anyone pirating preview footage of upcoming Disney/Marvel movies. However, D23 organizers still didn’t refrain from letting people bring in their smartphones. If they didn’t have allowance to record some footage, it didn’t stop some from at least capturing the audio.

One of the big stories (of many, many, many) at D23 was news about the upcoming Black Widow movie with Scarlett Johansson. All of us who couldn’t attend could only go by descriptions of the previewed footage there.

Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow)
Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) | Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Someone did manage to sneak out some audio, which might cause some friction with Disney for it being posted online. Nevertheless, it’s worth taking a minute to analyze what was leaked. Most of it came with captions along with the sound for an enticing general description.

A dramatic opening for the ‘Black Widow’ preview clip

When someone screen-named “joshbrolin” uploaded audio snippets from the four-minute preview footage at D23, the poster went out of their way to include captions so everyone could get a gist of what the audience saw. The attendee who recorded the audio cleverly turned their smartphone away from the big screen to just record the audio, despite already being a copyright risk.

What we do hear (in two parts) has diehard Marvel fans excited about how they’ll present a past-tense Natasha Romanoff.

From the sound of the opening, the film will start out showing Natasha going to Budapest where she has some tense dialogue with her fellow amoral spy and assassin, Yelena. The dramatic music used in the clip was best described as sounding like something out of Winter Soldier as an official Marvel stamp.

If you listen carefully, the preview even has a quick clip of Tony Stark interacting with Black Widow at the beginning. However, this focuses on her trip home to Hungary to interact with her family and former cohorts where things turn a little bit volatile.

Even the fight scenes are eye-popping with no sound

One of the first action sequences heard in this preview is an apparent fight between Natasha and Yelena. According to the captions, the two square off with a knife fight and turn the room into complete chaos.

So much for being close friends, no matter if they are rival Black Widows. We even hear Red Guardian cackle and say “Family. Back together again.” Considering this takes place during the Soviet Empire, there’s going to be a lot of political intrigue here, including Natasha wanting to get the “red out of her ledger.”

After the fight scene with Yelena, the captions say the trailer shows a fight scene with Taskmaster on a bridge. Who plays the latter villain isn’t known yet, but the captions describe the fight scene as epic.

Just listening to that dramatic music made us conjure some jaw-dropping images of what the action scenes will look like. Let’s not be surprised this likely lives up to the production values set forth in all prior MCU movies, kicking off Phase Four with a bang. Plus, it’ll have some obvious connections to the original Avengers, the last of which we’ll see for a while.

It sounds like there’s some tongue-in-cheek jabs at superhero poses

During the Taskmaster fight scenes, the captions say they both fight nearly identically, including the two forming a similar fighting pose. Of course, all speculation is Yelena has some kind of connection to Taskmaster, maybe given away when you hear Yelena ask Natasha why she always makes that notable pose when fighting. Rachel Weisz (who reportedly plays Melina) won’t be playing Taskmaster, incidentally.

This last pose line brought some laughs from the audience as it ribs all the famous superhero poses we’ve seen and poked fun at over the years. In total, the film seems to follow the basic MCU formula: Provide innovative and extremely intense fight scenes with a dose of self-aware, witty barbs.

Finally, we’ll have a full-fledged character study of Black Widow that could prove such a hit, it’ll be more than just a one-shot nod to one of the original Avengers.