‘Black Widow’: Fans Are Begging Marvel to Make This 1 Change Before Release

Marvel fans have become used to getting what they want, and now they’re asking for a change to Black Widow that may or may not be possible at this point. The objection is to the Taskmaster’s costume. 

The Black Widow trailer stirred up a great deal of excitement when it dropped, and fans have mostly been happy with the early glimpse, including a look at Florence Pugh’s Black Widow, David Harbour’s Red Guardian and most of all, Natasha herself. It only if it weren’t for that darn outfit. 

Kevin Feige speaks onstage
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Who is the Taskmaster? 

That’s a real mystery, not because we don’t know what the Taskmaster is – it’s because we don’t know who he is in the movie.

According to the official Marvel site, the Taskmaster debuted in 1980 in an issue of The Avengers. The Taskmaster’s particular ability is to mimic any opponent’s physical movements. Call it super muscle memory, if you will. He’s usually a villain, but he’s been known to work with the heroes too as sort of a double agent. 

If you look on IMDB, nobody in the cast is listed as The Taskmaster His given name is Tony Masters, but there’s nobody in the cast with that name either, and besides, Marvel wouldn’t release that kind of detail to IMDB and let fans put two and two together quite so easily. Fans on Reddit are guessing it could be Rachel Weisz’s character, or perhaps even Hawkeye. 

“From the trailer it becomes clear that Taskmaster does have his powers & abilities where he is known for: to copy the actions of his enemy. You can notice that from the fight between Red Guardian and Taskmaster because he is able to copy Red Guardian (with)  his headbutt and I’m certain Hawkeye is not able to do that.

Although I do hope we see Hawkeye in the movie to finally explain to us what happened in Budapest,” a fan said, referring to a mission with Black Widow and Hawkeye we’ve been told about but never actually seen. 

What’s wrong with the Taskmaster’s costume?

In the comics, the Taskmaster looks like a cross between Dr. Doom and Ghost Rider, with an elaborate hood that makes him look intimidating. But some fans aren’t happy with the way he looks in the trailer. 

“His costume was the only thing I didn’t like about this trailer. They did him dirty,” one fan said. Another fan said, “Overall, his costume is a bit more reminiscent of the 2002 re-design, as opposed to the classic look. In that 2002 series, he has a device that creates any weapon or tool he needs out of solid energy fields. This makes for a cleaner design, as opposed to his classic costume which is pretty busy with the cape, sword, shield, bow and arrow, lasso, billy clubs, pistol, etc.

Is it even possible to change the costume?

Earlier this year, fans of Sonic the Hedgehog raised a stink about the design of the CGI character for the movie. The effects artists had attempted to make him look more “realistic,” but fans were creeped out. The movie was supposed to come out last month, but  Paramount took the very unusual step of redesigning the character and delaying the movie’s release to February to appease the fans. 

It’s not clear if Marvel would be able to do something similar. IMDB lists the film as being in post-production, meaning principal photography has already finished. It’s theoretically possible that they could change the costume with CGI, and there is live-action precedent for this.

In 2017, the movie All the Money in the World had been shot with Kevin Spacey playing John Paul Getty. Then the sexual misconduct scandal with Spacey blew up. Director Ridley Scott reshot Spacey’s scenes with Christopher Plummer, and astonishingly, still managed to make his original release date. 

Of course, swapping out a disgraced actor is a situation with far more gravity than fans being displeased with a villain’s costume. In the end, if fans still quibble over the Taskmaster’s costume, it will be a minor complaint.