‘Black Widow’ Likely to Catalyze Two Additional Sagas in the MCU

Black Widow may be a prequel – diving into Natasha Romanoff and exploring the character’s life between Civil War and Infinity War but we would be foolish to think Kevin Feige and co. haven’t concocted a plan making the film relevant to the current MCU timeline

Black Widow
Marvel Studios’ ‘Black Widow’ at the San Diego Comic-Con International 2019 Marvel Studios Panel in Hall H | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

From Hawkeye’s return (whether in flashback form only or beyond) to General Ross’s substantial role in the upcoming installment, the movie will undoubtedly hold implications for the future of the Avengers’ never-ending saga. However, two stories are most likely to follow suit — one will focus on a new team of villains, while the other will explore the Black Widow program in greater depth — honing on a different recruit. 

‘Black Widow’ and the introduction of General Ross’s Thunderbolts team

A while back — before a trailer featuring General Ross came to be — fans and insiders began theorizing the narrative for Black Widow based on leaked photos, insider reports, and more. One report focused specifically on General Ross and came from industry Insider Charles Murphy. He shared on Twitter:

William Hurt, aka Thunderbolt Ross, is currently on the set of what I believe to be additional photography for ‘BLACK WIDOW.’ ScarJo is not believed to be there. Could Ross be visiting with Yelena in a post credit scene setting up a ‘THUNDERBOLTS’ project? That I cannot confirm.

Charles Murphy via Twitter

William Hurt is one of the many responsible for creating the Thunderbolts team (a motley crew of bad guys and good guys who sometimes save and other times destroy), as he becomes the infamous Red Hulk in the marvel comics. He could be trying to establish his program during this movie, and those involved could come to convene in time for a Phase 5 appearance. Taskmaster could also be part of the group, as reports indicate he will appear in future MCU installments, which many fans are hoping is true.

Yelena Belova to take the lead in ‘Black Widow 2’ 

According to We Got This Covered, Marvel plans to make a second Black Widow movie with Yelena Belova at the center. The report comes from the same sources who knew Taskmaster would be the primary villain in the upcoming movie.

Yelena Belova is another very prominent Black Widow in the comic books; thus, focusing on her character would not be a stark departure from the source material. Not to mention, she is expected to feature prominently in the upcoming movie, possibly co-leading alongside Johansson’s Natasha. 

If the second installment goes well, there’s no reason to believe the MCU won’t capitalize on the new heroine (if we can call her such) and create a suspenseful saga — one occuring in the present timeline — out of the character.  Rarely does an integral hero only receive one movie; this time around, that hero may just be played by several people who have owned the singular title. 

With a possible Thunderbolts movie, and an additional Black Widow film, Natasha’s standalone installment may hold great consequences for the future of the MCU — providing the character with the value she always deserved, albeit a little too late.