‘Black Widow’ to Set up ‘Dark Avengers’ Movie?

While various theories concerning Marvel’s Phase 4, and beyond, spew from comic book aficionados, MCU enthusiasts, and various digital media publications alike, a Dark Avengers movie comes to the table with some credible backing. In terms of MCU tendencies, narrative logic, and a previously ultra-reliable leaker, it is becoming quite probable that Black Widow will begin to lay the groundwork for a Dark Avengers film.

MCU Black Widow
Black Widow | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Following Black Widow’s death in Avengers: Endgame, many fans — though aware that Natasha’s sacrifice concluded the character’s narrative arc appropriately — were disappointed. MCU enthusiasts spanning the globe came to the realization that Natasha Romanoff’s standalone film, as a prequel, would likely bear no consequence on the future of the MCU. However, does this seem like something Marvel Studios would do?

While the franchise is a money-hungry enterprise, great attention is placed on audience satisfaction; minimizing Black Widow to mere backstory would feel uninspired. The character has been with the series from the beginning; thus, creating a movie in which the ultimate fallout is already known, and irrelevant to future installments, would be disrespectful to the character (and the fans). 

Laying the groundwork for Dark Avengers will create a prequel that both provides a glimpse into the Natasha we don’t fully know, and serves a greater purpose to the MCU’s continuation; it’s a win-win. So, how would it work?

How ‘Black Widow’ would introduce ‘Dark Avengers’

One fan took to Reddit to explain how the Black Widow movie would lay the groundwork for a Dark Avengers film. The MCU enthusiast explained that the Black Widow movie will introduce Yelena Belova, another iteration of the Black Widow character, who will be portrayed by Florence Pugh. Belova is often depicted “immorally in the comics;” thus, this character would become the “dark” counterpart to Natasha’s Widow. 

The Reddit user goes on to explain that the Red Guardian (the Russian version of Captain America) would be the obvious choice for Cap’s dark alternate, and that TaskMaster (capable of mimicking anyone’s abilities) may come to represent the dark Avenger for Hawkeye. The fan also explains that TaskMaster and Belova could share a similar bond to the one between Natasha and Clint. While this may all be theoretical, it does seem to make sense, especially when considering Yelena and the Red Guardian. 

The Reddit user goes on to explain how the other Dark Avengers would come about in a post here. While this may seem like just another grandiose theory, one of the most reliable Marvel Leakers did announce that a Dark Avengers movie was on the horizon (before his post was removed). 

Roger Wardell said a ‘Dark Avengers’ movie is coming 

The mysterious Roger Wardell has been around for quite some time and, while this may not be his real name, he often brings real spoilers to the table. As The Independent notes, he has been known to reveal accurate information concerning the MCU way in advance. For starters, the man accurately revealed key Avengers: Endgame plot points back in December. 

Now, Wardell has taken to the internet again to reveal some of the upcoming Marvel movies planned to hit the silver screen down the line. And, guess which movie made his list? You got it: Dark Avengers. 

If Wardell is right, Marvel will likely begin laying the groundwork for such a mash-up soon, as they take several years to build adequately; a lesson DC has yet to learn. And, starting with a Black Widow movie, giving the film a little more purpose than is customary of a prequel, seems like a good way to go about it.