‘Black Widow’ Post-Credits Scene to Introduce a Villain Team to the MCU?

With Black Widow only months away, there are only so many scenes left to film, as the fan-favorite heroine likely prepares to bid farewell to the MCU. While this movie is slated to be a prequel — taking place somewhere after the events of Civil War — that doesn’t mean Kevin Feige, and the brilliant minds over at Marvel, haven’t found a way to ensure that it impacts the ever-evolving universe. 

SDCC Black Widow
San Diego Comic-Con ‘Black Widow’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Recently, William Hurt’s General Ross was spotted on the set of Black Widow. Ross appeared in The Incredible Hulk, Civil War, and Infinity War, so he has been with the franchise for quite some time. 

Considering Natasha Romanoff was a fugitive for the government in the movie’s timeframe, it would be easy to assume that Ross is after, or keeping tabs on the former spy. However, as We Got This Covered notes, drawing upon the theory by popular leaker Charles Murphy, Ross is probably after someone else…someone more vital to the future of the developing MCU. 

Hurt could be filming the ‘Black Widow’ post-credits scene 

Since Natasha Romanoff is expected to hand over the mantle, in some way that doesn’t disrupt the MCU’s complex timeline, Ross likely has his eye on another Black Widow — Yelena Belova. 

With filming on Black Widow wrapping up — and no reports of Scarlett Johansson acting alongside Ross during the sighting — he could be filming the movie’s post-credits scene. Murphy’s idea: Ross visits Belova to discuss the idea of having her join his Thunderbolts team — a famous supervillain squad from the Marvel comics. Murphy stated:

William Hurt, aka Thunderbolt Ross, is currently on the set of what I believe to be additional photography for ‘BLACK WIDOW.’ ScarJo is not believed to be there. Could Ross be visiting with Yelena in a post credit scene setting up a ‘THUNDERBOLTS’ project? That I cannot confirm.

Charles Murphy Twitter

While Ross cannot confirm the Thunderbolts project, it does align with prior reports released by We Got This Covered. Five months back, the outlet released a story stating that, according to insider reports, Marvel was planning to create a Thunderbolts movie. So, what do we know about the Thunderbolts?

Marvel’s ‘Thunderbolts’ explained, and how they may fit into the MCU

The Thunderbolts are a team of reformed supervillains in the MCU, sort of like DC’s Suicide Squad, but with an origin story making their presentation to fans quite different. In the comic books, the Thunderbolts first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #449. 

The team was presented as a group of heroes, akin to the Avengers, who came to protect the world following the death of the Avengers in 1996’s “Onslaught” crossover. However, Marvel was guarding an intense secret that was revealed way down the line: they were actually the Masters of Evil in disguise. 

Throughout the stories, they struggle with redemption, often trying to break away from the shackles of their leader, Baron Helmut Zemo, who is set to return in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. 

At some point in the comics, they fall under the leadership of Hawkeye, who also happens to have a Disney+ series on the way. How smart is Kevin Feige? Can all this already be coming together behind the scenes? Will Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Hawkeye simultaneously develop the groundwork for a narrative destined to come together on the silver screen