Black Widow: This Is How Much Money Scarlett Johansson Made From Playing the Superhero

One of the earliest Avengers, Scarlett Johansson’s turn as Natasha Romanova (Black Widow) has become iconic. Her portrayal of the embittered Russian assassin was introduced in 2010 and is widely considered to be an audience favorite.

With news of an all-new Black Widow standalone film, let’s recap what we know about the salary that the Avengers actress has earned for playing the character, and why the Black Widow is such a fan favorite.

Johansson is making much more than her first film as Black Widow

In 2010, Marvel’s series of Avengers films was in the early stages, with Tony Stark/Iron Man still the central force. Iron Man 2 saw Stark dealing with the day to day perils of running his massive business, as well as handling a shady arms dealer and a vengeance-seeking assassin. During the course of the film, he encountered help from an unexpected source: Natasha Romanova, who had been masquerading as an administrative assistant at Stark’s company.

Romanova was deadly, highly-trained in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat, and wasted no words. Although her screen time was relatively minimal, she was unleashed towards the end of the film for a fabulous, high-octane fighting sequence that showed audiences the extent of Romanova’s skills. After her debut as the Black Widow, Johansson became an instant fan favorite.

For her appearance in Iron Man 2, Johansson, an established, A-list actress, reportedly earned $400,000. She went on to earn a great deal more when she reprised her role in 2012’s The Avengers, making a cool $6 million salary. Though, as we discuss later, this isn’t even close to what she’ll earn for her Black Widow standalone film.

Why is Black Widow so beloved?

Although these days there are a number of female-centric superhero films, in 2010, action-packed parts for women were rarer. Audiences were immediately drawn to the mystique and allure of Black Widow, and how the character was careful to never reveal too much about her own personality or past.

As the character has grown throughout the consequent films, fans have gotten to see a softer side to Black Widow, including that she had been sterilized as part of her training program, and was unable to have children of her own. She also started to develop a relationship with Bruce Banner, also known as The Hulk. While fans aren’t quite sure what will happen to Black Widow in the brand new film Avengers: Endgame, it seems like there could be big things ahead for Natasha Romanova.

When will the ‘Black Widow’ movie be released?

Recently, news broke that a Black Widow standalone film has been greenlighted by Marvel Studios. Although little is known about the project, with no confirmed release date or exact plot details, the news alone is exciting for hardcore fans.

Johansson, herself, seemed to indirectly confirm the news during a recent interview, where she explained that a standalone film could bring the character into all kinds of new and unexpected places, including diving deep into her tortured past and traumatic childhood. This doesn’t exactly shed any light on the character’s fate in Endgame since it seems as though there’s the possibility that it could be a prequel, but no matter when the film takes place, it’s bound to be action-packed. 

How much will Johansson make for the ‘Black Widow’ standalone movie?

Also exciting is the salary that Johansson will reportedly be bringing in for her leading role in the film. According to a recent report, Johansson will be earning a $15 million salary for playing Romanova in the big-budget action epic. While Marvel hasn’t confirmed the actress’s salary, multiple reports chime in on the impressive figure, which puts Johansson in the top-earning category for Marvel’s leading stars. It seems that there’s no limit to what Johansson, also known as Black Widow, can accomplish!