‘Black Widow’: Why Fans Are Freaking Out About ‘Stranger Things’ While Watching the New Trailer

Now that the official teaser trailer is out for Black Widow, fans who only heard the leaked trailer audio from Disney Expo this last summer can finally see the faces behind the voices. While this cut seems a little different from the one people at Disney Expo saw (including no Robert Downey, Jr. cameo), there is one surprising character to be seen.

It’s none other than Stranger ThingsDavid Harbour playing the much talked about Russian superhero Red Guardian. The latter character has never made an appearance in an MCU movie, though has a very interesting Marvel comic book past. Red Guardian was the USSR equivalent of Captain America starting back in the late 1960s.

What will we learn about this character, and how much of a surprise was it to see David Harbour playing him?

This may be why David Harbour won’t be back on ‘Stranger Things’

David Harbour from Stranger Things
David Harbour | Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

Everyone who watches Stranger Things knows David Harbour plays police chief Jim Hopper on the show who was seemingly disintegrated at the end of last season. While it’s expected he might return in some capacity in the next season, it isn’t set in stone.

If Harbour wanted to exit his role as Hopper, it’s clear now it’s because he’s playing a potentially major character for the MCU. Yes, Marvel seems to have landed yet another respected actor with a bigger paycheck and the potential of being a part of a big movie franchise.

Playing the role of Red Guardian should be a memorable experience considering the history of this superhero has been much neglected. What makes his appearance in Black Widow so interesting is they’re going the route of Thor and making him more than a little human.

As seen in the new trailer for Black Widow, Harbour’s take on Red Guardian is one showing him looking less like the ripped version seen in the comic books.

Red Guardian won’t be battling Cap this time

Since it’s clear there won’t be a Captain America cameo in Black Widow (despite taking place just after Civil War), Red Guardian won’t be going up against his American counterpart. Fifty years ago, Marvel’s comic book edition had them fighting using equal powers, with Cap ultimately being victorious.

Also revealed during the era is that Red Guardian was once married to Black Widow until the Russians forced him to fake his death. To put this in real name terms, that’s Alexi Shostakov and Natasha Romanoff.

Sure, those names are almost cliched in the depiction of Russians during the USSR era, yet the time period for Black Widow is set in a very different era from when Red Guardian was utilized in the comics. Now everyone will see a more broken down Alexi, including showing Harbour trying on his Red Guardian outfit after putting on some weight.

For the first time, audiences will see an actor not known for being in the best of shape play a superhero who’s kind of fallen from glory.

Bringing a more human edge to superheroes

Ultimately, Black Widow might be the most human of all the superhero movies done at the MCU so far. Having Natasha coming home to Russia in a post-Communist era is one driving home the point she had a family at one time with very human problems.

While Natasha and her sister were trained KGB agents, they aren’t really blessed with superhuman abilities. Red Guardian is also just a man who’s physically slipped from how he once looked.

The quip from Iron Maiden saying he “got fat” is right in the Thor wheelhouse of realizing how being in shape can easily reverse if becoming complacent. Because the Soviet empire is no more, Red Guardian now becomes a Captain American wannabe, which may be the most American message in a time when Russia has again become a foe.