‘BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky’: Major Takeaways From Netflix’s Intimate Look at the Global Superstars

BLACKPINK in your area! The worldwide, K-pop girl group sensation is fresh off the release of their debut album (outside of Japan), THE ALBUM. Coinciding with the release is the new Netflix documentary, BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky, which not only gives an unprecedented look at the group, but K-pop stars overall.

Rose, Jisoo, Lisa and Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK
Rose, Jisoo, Lisa and Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK | Scott Dudelson/Getty Images for Coachella

A look at idol training

Though you can do your research and find out about how intense it is to become a K-pop idol and all that goes into it, idol training has never been presented in a film or television series the way it is in this documentary, especially on a huge platform as a Netflix original movies. All of BLACKPINK’s members spent either four or five years training for the moment to be put in the group.

The film’s director, Caroline Suh, even admitted in an interview with ET Online that there could be a whole documentary made about the world of K-pop training camps, calling them “Hogwarts for K-pop stars.”

It was a world that was mostly knew to Suh before the documentary. “I had heard about what it was like to be a trainee before, but I guess I hadn’t realized that they train for so many years and they never know when it’s going to end and when they’re going to debut or if that’s going to happen at all,” she said. “If you’re going through that experience, you really have to have faith and hope that you’re going to make it, because you are committing many years of your life to doing something that you don’t even know if you’ll ever be able to do.”

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Getting to know more about the ladies individually and their personalities

For novice BLACKPINK fans, the documentary is a huge opportunity to get to know them better on a personal level. You get to learn things about their upbringings, strengths, fears, things that they want to do once the fame is over, and so much more.

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It was purposeful to make sure that all of the members were presented equally in the film. “We filmed all of them for an equal amount of time because we wanted to make sure everything was equal,” said Suh in an interview with Variety. “My hope for the film was that people who weren’t BLACKPINK fans would watch the film. I think we had to economically introduce each of the members at the beginning, and because they were talking about their childhood, we decided that would be a good way to meet them and see them when they were little. That context helps with the emotion [at] the end of the film because you see who they are and how far they’ve come.”

BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky is now streaming on Netflix.