Blake Lively and Jude Law to Star in ‘The Rhythm Section’

While not much is known about The Rhythm Section set to premiere November 22, 2019, Jude Law, Blake Lively, and Sterling K. Brown will star in the film based on Mark Burnell’s book of the same name.

Blake Lively
Blake Lively | Getty Images

While production was temporarily suspended when Blake Lively suffered a wrist injury performing stunts on the Dublin set, the movie is set to resume filming in June, according to Deadline. As of now, it appears that those behind the film are still shooting for a November release.

What is ‘The Rhythm Section’ about?

The Rhythm Section follows Stephanie Patrick (Blake Lively) on a revenge mission. After a plane crash kills her family, Stephanie Patrick drops out of college and resorts to a life of drugs and prostitution, according to Audible.

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Though the crash was initially reported as an accident, a journalist later discovers that a bomb was planted on the plane. Filled with rage, Patrick yearns for – and lives for – nothing but revenge.

When a covert intelligence organization recruits hers, she’s given a chance to release her rage on those most deserving. If you’re wondering why she gets approached, it boils down to genetics and circumstance: She’s beautiful and utterly alone.

The agreement: she must undergo rigorous training –  heart rate control, breath control, and combat skills – before assuming a new identity and committing acts of terrorism on behalf of the organization, according to Audible. Once Patrick proves her loyalty and upholds her side of the agreement, she will be awarded the opportunity to hunt down the terrorists who caused the plane crash.

Stephanie Patrick goes from a deadbeat druggy to a deadly assassin, and – though possessing a natural knack for the work – grows to question her values.

Mark Burnell: The man behind the story

Mark Burnell, author of The Rhythm Section has written a series of Stephanie Patrick novels. The Rhythm Section is one of four books in the set; the others include Gemini, Chameleon, and The Third Woman.

Given that The Rhythm Section constitutes only a fraction of Stephanie Patrick’s story, whether or not a film series will ensue likely depends on the success of the first film. With Blake Lively, Jude Law, and the producers behind James Bond working on the movie, here’s to hoping the film receives solid critical reviews and is a major box office smash.

Mark Burnell, also known for his work Glittering Savages, is a novelist and a screenwriter. He was born in Northumberland and grew up in Brazil, according to HarperCollins Publishers. Mark now lives in England with his family.

Jude Law and Sterling K. Brown: Roles in ‘The Rhythm Section’

While Blake Lively’s part is inherently obvious, the roles Jude Law and Sterling K. Brown will play in the film are still unknown. Based on the plot description, it’s likely that one or both of them will be members of the covert organization. However, it seems unlikely that both will play “good guys;” thus,  the wait to discover he who cannot be trusted begins.

Jude Law, set to premiere in the upcoming Captain Marvel, also stars as Dumbledore in The Fantastic Beasts saga. He is widely known for his roles in Sherlock Homles, Closer, and The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Sterling K. Brown is most known for playing Randall Pearson on the NBC hit drama, This Is Us. You may also recognize him from American Crime Story, Hotel Artemis, and The Predator.

With Lively, Brown, and Law set to take on the main characters, this film, if executed with purpose and poise, should be a major success.