Blake Lively Trolled Ryan Reynolds On His Birthday Once Again

Want to see a celebrity couple thriving? Just look at Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, who have pretty much been the epitome of perfection since Day 1. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn about the goofy prank Lively pulled on Reynolds for his birthday.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have an enviable relationship

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

If you’re not a fan of this celebrity couple, be prepared to have your mind changed. Lively, star of films such as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and A Simple Favor, has been in show business since her teens. She was famously linked to her Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgely for a while, but then she met Reynolds.

The Deadpool star acted opposite Lively in The Green Lantern, a DC film pre-DCEU that didn’t get much praise. However, it was a love connection for the two actors, who have been together ever since. Now, they have three daughters and a relationship that we can all look up to.

They love teasing each other on social media

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Happy Birthday, @blakelively.

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So what makes them so great? Aside from their excellent choice in projects (these days), they’re both known for being a lot of fun. Reynolds has always been known for his comedic work, and his social media is proof that this humor extends into his personal life.

That’s especially true when it comes to his wife. In August, the actress turned 32. Reynolds took to Instagram, with a post he simply captioned, “Happy Birthday, @blakelively.” However, the photos themselves were the joke. Each of the ten chosen shows Lively either turned away, moving (and therefore blurry), or with her eyes closed.

Here’s what Lively posted for Reynolds’ birthday

Just two months later, it was Lively’s turn. Though the actress tends to skew more dramatic with her chosen roles, she’s clearly a funny person. And she’s almost always laughing in photos. So it’s not surprising that she had a trick up her sleeve.

For Reynolds’ 43rd birthday on Oct. 23, 2019, Lively posted a photo of the couple, in which she, with her eyes closed once again, has her finger up her husband’s nose. Naturally, she captioned it, “I picked a good one,” adding, “Happy birthday @vancityreynolds.”

She’s done this before

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Happy Birthday, baby.

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As it turns out, Lively was getting Reynolds back, but his August post was also in response to a previous one from her. In 2018, on Reynolds’ birthday, both posted the same photo of them, encouraging people to vote in the midterm elections.

But in 2017 she posted a photo of Reynolds with Ryan Gosling for his birthday. So what’s the joke? Gosling is centered in the image, while Reynolds is cut off, with only half of his face showing. Lively captioned it, “Happy Birthday, baby.”

Others who teased him on Instagram

Lively isn’t the only big celebrity to troll Reynolds on his birthday. His co-star from the upcoming sequel The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, Salma Hayek, also decided to get in on the fun, posting a photo of the two of them. In the image, Reynolds looks “all beat up,” according to Hayek, and he isn’t exactly smiling for the camera.

Hayek didn’t stop there. She posted a bunch more photos on her Instagram story, on all of which she wrote, “Happy Birthday to one of my dear friends Ryan Reynolds. Love sharing the screen with you.” The joke here was clear, as, like with Lively 2017 ‘gram, Reynolds’ face was cut off in each shot.