Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s Joke About Chrissy Teigen’s Cooking Might Have Backfired

Blake Shelton is always joking around with other people. Gwen Stefani also seems to be up for a good time.

The couple showed some of their time with their family after Thanksgiving. That included cooking a lot of food and joking around.

Naturally, cooking made them think about Chrissy Teigen, who is not only married to John Legend, but is a cookbook author.

The couple is still in competition mode since they’re going up against Legend on this season of The Voice. Find out how they joked about Teigen during their time together and why it might have backfired.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani spent Thanksgiving together

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton | Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Forrest Film

The couple has their own routine for Thanksgiving by now. They revealed their plans for this year with Entertainment Tonight.

“We all fly out to Oklahoma, like 30 of us,” Stefani said. “Blake has this bed and breakfast hotel that we all stay at, and it’s just pretty incredible. We have fun, we all cook together, it’s fun.” She then said, “This’ll be — I wanna say the fourth [year], but it might be more than that.”

The singer said the family stays together for some time. “We’re taking all the Stefanis and then the Shelton bunch are gonna meet up there and just literally [spend] like, five days away,” said the country singer.

Shelton joked that Chrissy Teigen might give him food poisoning

Stefani, Shelton, and her brother, Todd made a meal together. She showed it on Instagram on Nov. 30 and she’s heard saying, “This is our stew that we’ve been cooking all day.” She went on to say, “Tell Christie Teigen to take that!”

Shelton backed her up with this, according to Us Weekly. “Yeah! Suck that, Christie. Suck it!” he cheered. Legend found out about this on the set of The Voice.

“I’ll make sure she sees it tonight,” he said. Shelton told Legend, “I just want to know if she’s mad or not.”

The EGOT winner replied, “We’re going to have you guys over for dinner … and you’ll know if she’s upset or not.” Shelton asked, “So if I get food poising I’ll know she saw it?” Legend laughed and answered, “Yeah.”

Legend invited contestants over to his house before Thanksgiving

Contestants sometimes get to spend some time with their coaches outside of the set of The Voice. Legend invited Will Breman, Katie Kadan and Marybeth Byrd over to his home before Thanksgiving.

“One of my favorite parts was being in the kitchen, and I saw two things,” Breman told Us Weekly. “I saw one, Chrissy had, like, 80 cookbooks — it felt like that, at least. They’re all great cookbooks. I have Antoni in the Kitchen, for example, you know? So, you can tell that’s just a huge thing for her.”

He continued, “Then, there was a lovely photo of them just in the corner of the whole family, out just water-rafting and it reminds you, ‘Hey, Legend, with the accolades, with the notoriety, and the same with Chrissy — they’re both humans. They’re both parents that want to put out for their kids.’ It’s humanizing.”

It sounds like the singers had a good time at their house. We will have to wait and see if Stefani and Shelton will have a smooth time if they come over for dinner.