Blake Shelton Responds to Angry Fans by Explaining That ‘Old Town Road’ Line

Blake Shelton’s new song, “Hell Right” is getting a lot of attention. One reason is that the duet mentions “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X in a way that has some music fans angry.

Find out how the song mentions the record-making hit, and what Shelton had to say to angry fans.

Blake Shelton released a new song with Trace Adkins

Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton Jeff Kravitz/ACMA2019/FilmMagic for ACM

The country singer released a song with Trace Adkins called “Hell Right.” The song is all about raising hell right.

“I wanted him on this record because I knew there was a story to this song, but there was also a personality to the story that he could help amplify and take it to the next level,” Shelton said according to the Tennessean.

He also revealed the meaning behind the song. “You can go about it two ways,” he said. “You can raise hell, or you can raise hell right. To me, that means you can set off a bottle rocket, or you can have a fireworks show. There’s always a next level of things.”

Fans are angry about how the song mentions ‘Old Town Road’

Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X has gotten some controversy this year. That’s because it debuted on three Billboard’s charts including Hot Country Songs. It was then removed from the country chart.

A statement was released claiming the removal was because the song “does not embrace enough elements of today’s country music to chart in its current version,” according to CBS News.

The song now is one of the songs to have the longest streak at No. 1 on the Billboard chart. It’s very popular so fans weren’t thrilled that “Hell Right” has a line referencing the song with “Then the girl from the small town took off the ‘Old Town’ / Put on a little Hank Jr.”

Shelton claims he didn’t mean to diss the song

The singer has responded to the accusation that they were dissing the song. Shelton responded through his spokesperson.

“It’s absolutely not throwing any kind of shade at Lil Nas X at all. Blake says this literally has nothing to do with anything at all except how much the song is played,” said the spokesperson according to Variety. “It could have been ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ or any other [overplayed] song.”

The spokesperson also added, “Blake talked to Billy Ray, and he thought it was funny.” Hardy, who is one of the writers of “Hell Right,” also gave his response to the heated reactions.

“I didn’t really think people were gonna freak about that so bad,” he told The Boot. “[Co-writers David Garcia and Brett Tyler and I] just kind of did it as a paying homage to Hank Jr. I mean, you coulda said took off the’ whoever.”

The line got a big reaction, but the explanation for it seems to be more about timing and popularity instead of hatred for the song.

“It’s the song that they’re playing the crap out of, and it’s this new, fresh thing,” explained Hardy. “But people are pissed.”