Blake Shelton Says Gwen Stefani Mostly Listens to Country Music Now That They’re Dating

Gwen Stefani went from a rock band to becoming a pop star. Blake Shelton has been focused on country music throughout his career. That was one of the many reasons the couple stands out today and he has even called their relationship “a head-scratcher.”

Shelton revealed how their time together has changed them. Find out what he said about what Stefani listens to now and what their relationship was like at first.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani didn’t know each other’s music before dating

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton | Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Forrest Film

The Voice coaches started dating during the second season they worked together. They admitted that they didn’t really know about each other’s music before their relationship. That meant they had a learning curve.

“Yes, that’s safe to assume but the difference is she genuinely had to, outside maybe a couple of songs I had that she had heard, she really had to like start learning,” Shelton told Seth Meyers.

“I didn’t think I knew much of her music until you go to one of her shows,” he admitted. There was one song that specifically took him by surprise and that was “It’s My Life” by No Doubt.

“Holy hell, I didn’t know Gwen sang that song,” he said. “I always known ‘Hey Baby’ I didn’t know she sang that freaking song.”

Stefani even went even farther when talking about her knowledge of her boyfriend before the show. “I didn’t even know he existed before the show,” she told Andy Cohen. “I didn’t even know that he was a human being on this planet.”

The couple still joke about their differences

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It’s been four years since they started their relationship, and the couple still joke about how different they seem. In the recent season of The Voice, Stefani mentioned it when talking to her team members.

She matched Royce Lovett and Kiara Brown for a battle. Stefani mentioned how they are pretty different with Lovett being “dirty nasty” and Brown being “super clean.”

“It’s like me and Blake,” she told them in an episode. “We do not seem like we would go together, but we fit together perfectly.”

He says she listens mostly to country music now

It looks like the couple has come a long way to closing the gap they had at the beginning of their relationship. Shelton told Matina McBride on her podcast Vocal Point, that Stefani’s taste in music has changed according to People.

“If she was sitting here, she would tell you she’s never going to be good with names. She can’t remember anybody’s name,” said Shelton. “She knows so many songs now.”

He continued, “And in fact, I would say that Gwen, I don’t know how she’d feel about me saying this, but I’m going to say it. I bet she listens to probably 75 percent country music now.”

The country singer added, “Just that’s what in her car, that’s the station that stays on, when we’re together she has playlists. That’s what she puts her kids to bed at night to is country music playlists.”

Stefani has been dropping Shelton’s name to contestants to give her an edge with country artists on The Voice. Maybe she will drop her own country knowledge in the future since she is mostly listening to it now.