Blake Shelton Took His Quarantine Mullet to the Next Level

Blake Shelton is a well-esteemed artist in the music industry. The popular country singer shared that he learned how to play the guitar by the time he was 12 years old, and just a few years later he started writing his own music. Shelton‘s hard work and dedication paid off, and shortly after his high school graduation, he landed his first contract with Giant Records. Since then, Shelton’s career and reputation have grown to new levels, but that’s not the only thing Shelton is taking to new levels these days. Find out what Shelton and his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, have been up to during the coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine.

Blake Shelton on stage with a guitar
Blake Shelton | John Shearer/ACMA2018/Getty Images for ACM

Blake Shelton’s relationship with Gwen Stefani

The Voice first brought Shelton and Stefani together in 2014, but both musicians were married at the time. As fate would have it, the couple seemed to find themselves back to one another at the right time. Though the pair was reluctant to admit to being together, the social media evidence began to build. Shortly after photos of the couple at a Halloween party came out, Shelton and Stefani officially revealed that they were indeed a couple. The two appear to be incredibly happy together, and the pair just moved in together this past December. The house they got together in Los Angeles seems like a clear representation of their love for one another. 

What are Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani doing while in quarantine? 

Shelton and Stefani are taking on the quarantine together in their home in California. Some sources were joking about the chances of the couple getting engaged during the quarantine, and though that doesn’t seem likely, the couple has been sharing how they have been spending their time. From creative home projects to silly photoshoots, the couple has found plenty of ways to entertain themselves. The couple has even begun using this time in isolation to start writing music together. The couple’s romantic and sweet nature has brought their fans and the public some much-needed levity during these stressful and uncertain times.  

How has Blake Shelton been responding to the ongoing crisis? 

From financial donations to providing his fans and followers with some morale, Shelton has been making an active presence on media during these times of isolation. Many musicians have begun live impromptu concerts on platforms like Instagram. The Academy of Country Music (ACM) recently announced that they will be releasing “a two-hour special that will feature at-home acoustic performances by some of music’s biggest stars”. Shelton and Stefani revealed that they will be apart of the exclusive ACM special. Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, and Carrie Underwood are just a few of the many artists who will be contributing to the unique event. However, that isn’t all Shelton is doing to promote positivity during these hard times. 

Why did Blake Shelton decide to get a mullet while in quarantine? 

The famous country singer has found a new way to captivate the attention of his fans and followers. Shelton seemed to shock his fans and followers with one of his latest social media posts. Shelton shared on Twitter, “I am growing my mullet back as a symbol of hope or some s*** like that.” In addition, Shelton shared a video of Stefani adding stripes into the mullet. Both Shelton and Stefani seemed to get a chuckle from the tribute to the hairstyle that marked the start of his career as a musician. Though Shelton knows it probably wasn’t his best look, it is his own unique way of helping in light of the ongoing global pandemic.