‘Bloodline’ Could Be Your New Favorite Netfix Drama

The clip only provides a fleeting glimpse at the show, focusing in on a boat sailing on the water, engulfed in flames. “We’re not bad people, but we did a bad thing,” Chandler’s character says moodily in the background. The brief footage doesn’t exactly give much insight into the series, other than to make it clear that viewers can expect plenty more of that same spooky vibe throughout the first season.

Regardless of its brevity, the teaser is already sparking interest from viewers, and it’s no wonder why. Besides featuring the long-awaited return of Chandler and several other acclaimed actors, it’s clear that the public has come to trust Netflix for exciting, new original content following the smash success of quality shows like Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards. With the addition of award-nominated series like those to its brand, the streaming service has established itself as a force to be reckoned within the television industry, and it seems both viewers and industry insiders alike are not only acknowledging that but also looking to jump on board.

Case in point? Sony Pictures’ involvement in developing Bloodline, which marks the first partnership Netflix has struck with a major Hollywood studio. Not to mention, the binge-watching factor is always a plus, as there’s no better way to get viewers addicted to a new show than by making every episode of a season available to watch all at once.

With a noteworthy cast and a mysterious theme, Bloodline already looks to have all the makings of the next hit Netflix show. The series will become available for streaming in March.

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