‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Steve Schirripa Celebrated the Season Finale With the Cutest Family Dinner

Steve Schirripa is a talented character actor who has appeared in many big-name television and film projects, including The Sopranos. However, Schirripa’s best-known and most popular project to date has been his role in Blue Bloods. The acclaimed cop drama has been on the air since 2010 and is showing no signs of waning in popularity. Schirripa’s character has become a fan-favorite, and it certainly seems as though he will be sticking around for future seasons. Recently, the series aired the season 10 finale although many fans are still talking about the big reveal, Steve Schirripa is celebrating a job well done, and the start of a new chapter in the show’s history.

How did Steve Schirripa become famous?

Steve Schirripa smiling, seated, holding a microphone
Steve Schirripa | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

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Steve Schirripa was born in New York City in 1957. Born and raised in NYC, Schirripa had no intention of pursuing a career as an actor until later in life, when he became the entertainment director for a Las Vegas hotel, according to Talk Nerdy With Us. While working as the entertainment director, Schirripa had the opportunity to snag cameo appearances in various comedy specials and even big-name films like Casino. He enjoyed his experience working in film so much that he decided to become an actor. 

Schirripa acted in a few movies like Joe Dirt and The Runner before getting cast on The Sopranos in 2000. He appeared on the show for five seasons, becoming a fan-favorite and solidifying his signature style as a mobster-style New Yorker with a brash, abrasive personality. After his tenure on The Sopranos ended, Schirripa continued to act in a wide variety of television shows and films, including the series The Secret Life of the American Teenager. He has worked with some major names in the entertainment business, including Clint Eastwood and George Lopez. 

Who does Steve Schirripa play in Blue Bloods?

In 2015, Steve Schirripa was cast on Blue Bloods. The series was already immensely popular with viewers and the addition of a veteran character actor like Schirripa to the cast only helped to enhance the show’s impressive credibility. Schirripa’s character on Blue Bloods is Anthony Abetemarco, a Senior Detective for the DA’s Investigations Unit who works with Erin Reagan on many cases.

Schirripa’s brusque, hard-boiled personality works perfectly for the character of Abetemarco, and as the character has grown in popularity, Schirripo has been written into even more storylines. Many of Abetemarco’s family members and associates have been introduced on the show as well, including his mother, played by Suzanne Shepherd, and his ex-wife, portrayed by Kate Miller. 

Steve Schirripa celebrated the season finale of Blue Bloods in style

The latest season of Blue Bloods has just wrapped, and although fans aren’t quite certain when they will be able to see the Reagan family back in action, due to filming restrictions caused by coronavirus (COVID-19), it isn’t stopping them from talking about the way season 10 ended. It was an especially emotional season finale and ended up introducing a brand-new member to the Reagan family. Fans took to Twitter, as they watched, posting things like “2 minutes in and I’m already out of breath!” 

Steve Schirripa also celebrated the season finale by taking to Instagram, posting an adorable “family” shot of him and his pet dachshund, WillieBoy, enjoying a relaxing dinner while watching the last episode of season 10. The pup even twinned with his owner by wearing a Yankees shirt. It is certainly not the first time that Schirripa has shared a picture of his dog to Instagram, but it is possibly the cutest one yet. 

Fans might be waiting a while for season eleven of Blue Bloods, but in the meantime, there are always reruns — as well as fun snapshots of the cast on social media.