‘Blue Bloods’: Bridget Moynahan’s Net Worth

We’re coming up on Bridget Moynahan’s tenth season playing ADA Erin Reagan on CBS’ Blue Bloods. And good news for Moynahan — Blue Bloods has consistently good ratings, typically averaging around 12-13 million viewers per season. But Blue Bloods isn’t the only project Moynahan has worked on.

Moynahan has appeared on several television shows and began her career modeling — so the actress must have a pretty robust financial portfolio. Let’s take a look at Moynahan’s career and her subsequent net worth.

Starting out in photos

Moynahan’s modeling career started out as a surprise to her. Originally, she intended to simply accompany her friend to a modeling audition in Springfield, Massachusetts. Unfortunately for Moynahan’s friend, Moynahan stole the spotlight and was signed instead.

This was Moynahan’s first big break. Moynahan told Imagista, “Apparently, or so my mother tells me now, I had been approached to model several times in my life but I didn’t remember being approached. My parents really didn’t want me to become a model. Then in senior year of high, a friend of mine wanted to model so I took her to the local John Casablanca Modeling Center (laughs). I don’t know if those schools even exist anymore because it all seems to be done on Instagram now.”
In the past, Moynahan has discussed her modeling career as being something she knew wouldn’t last. “It was a crazy world that paid a lot of money. I liked being a model, but I knew it would never last, so I looked into acting.”

The big screen beckons

Moynahan knew modeling wouldn’t last her forever, and started looking for avenues to become an actress. She got her hustle on and started attending classes at night.

“Yes. I’d go to work for modeling during the day then take acting classes at night with a woman named Cay Michael Patton. I attended classes with her for about three years and worked on plays before I started auditioning,” Moynahan told Imagista.

Moynahan’s hard work paid off. She was able to land herself a guest role in Sex and the City, and a role in Coyote Ugly.

Moynahan explained to Imagista, “When I started auditioning I landed the roles for Sex and The City and Coyote Ugly right around the same time. It was a good way to start. It was great too because the roles I was playing were totally different characters so good to be seen playing two very different characters right off the bat.”

It seems Moynahan has always been hustling. When she was landed those roles, she was also working on an independent film, meaning she was incredibly busy. Moynahan told Imagista that working on Sex and the City and Coyote Ugly were valuable experiences for her.

“They all treated me really well, but you kinda just had to jump into the show. It was like double dutch. You just had to jump in and make sure that you had your stuff down. It was a good learning experience for me for sure. I was also doing a small independent film when I was cast for Coyote Ugly too so I was basically doing three projects at once,” explained Moynahan.

Bridget Moynahan’s net worth

Moynahan starred in a variety of other films, including some famous titles such as Serendipity, I, Robot, and Lord of War. She’s also made appearances on other shows, such as Eli Stone and Six Degrees.

All of this explains Moynahan’s impressive net worth, which according to Celebrity Net Worth clocks in at roughly $25 million.