‘Blue Bloods’: Did the Show Rush Jamie and Eddie’s Relationship Too Much?

Blue Bloods’ Season 4 premiere highlighted Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko’s first meeting and their patrol partnership. From the start, they seemed to share an instant connection, and the chemistry remained part of the equation.

However, these two seemed to go from 0 to 100 and patrol partners to spouses without taking the customary dating steps.  

Jamie and Eddie stuck in partner storyline

Will Estes as Jamie Reagan, Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko
Will Estes as Jamie Reagan, Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko | John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images

While their first tour together was a tragic one, with an officer eventually dying from a gunshot wound, Jamie and Eddie’s friendship strengthened.  During the same season’s “Lost and Found” episode, the pair worked undercover as a couple in a jewelry store. It was the viewers’ first real glimpse of the #Jamko phenomenon.

The sexual tension continued for five seasons, however, leading fans to wonder if a romance was ever going to happen. Neither Will Estes nor Vanessa Ray, the actors who play Reagan and Janko respectively, was convinced taking their characters into the romantic realm was the way to go.

They were concerned that, once their story arc reached the climactic moment, there would be nowhere else for the couple to go.

Estes shared his thoughts, saying: “It was the Moonlighting thing. Once they got together, the story was over. The anticipation is so much better than the monster—that’s what Hitchcock taught us. So, we were nervous about what it was going to mean once we were together.”

Eddie saves Jamie’s life

The fans won out eventually, and it only took five seasons. Sure, there was some serious flirting like the night in “Secret Arrangements” when they both leaned in for the kiss after enjoying the evening out. The moment was quickly whisked aside as “something that was bound to happen, and now [they] could move on.”

Not so fast, there’s still a slow dance or two to share. Season 7’s “Confessions” has the pair trying out a more intimate relationship only to cool it once again.

They attend a wedding together, but Jamie ends up spending the night in the slammer defending Eddie’s honor. She grows frustrated with his lack of follow-through on a commitment.

By the time the same season’s episode 12 airs “Not Fade Away,” the two have officially decided to maintain a strictly professional relationship.

Season 8’s “Friendship, Love, and Loyalty” once again brings fans to the edge of hope that it might be the moment Jamie and Eddie finally declare their love for one another.

After Janko’s shot in a drug bust, Reagan almost reveals his feelings for her to his sister, Erin. Erin tries to convince him to stop wasting time, but Jamie ultimately drops the idea because of Eddie’s current relationship.

It’s not until the final episode of the season, “My Aim is True,” that the two finally declare their love for one another. While getting coffees for them, Eddie can’t shake the strong sense that Jamie’s in trouble.

She gets to him just in time to save his life, and at some point between that incident and their engagement announcement at the Reagan Sunday dinner, they decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

Fast forward: Jamie and Eddie are engaged and married

Strangely, there was a void in the leap from friends and partners to becoming a married couple. It left fans more than a little confused and disappointed in the abrupt shift the #Jamko relationship took.

Perhaps, because the introductory partnership angle had played out over the preceding five seasons, the writers felt it would naturally segue into marriage. It simply felt a little rushed, however.

The couple becomes engaged at the end of Season 8, and boom, the wedding day premieres at the opening of Season 9.

Sure, there are plenty of angles to draw on with #Jamko now official; however, one can’t help but think the writers missed an opportunity to add greater dimension to the characters and their courtship.