‘Blue Bloods’: Do the NYPD Precincts Mentioned on the Show Really Exist?

Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko in Blue Bloods

Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko in Blue Bloods | CBS

There are a lot of shows following fictional police officers. Some shows play with the truth of how things actually operate, and other shows try to be as realistic as possible. The Reagan family has multiple police officers at different precincts in the show. But are any of them real? Here is everything to know about how the show comes up with precinct numbers.

Blue Bloods doesn’t use any number of an active precinct

Jamie Reagan on Blue Bloods

Will Estes as Jamie Reagan on Blue Bloods | CBS

On Blue Bloods, Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) worked at the 12th Precinct. Daniel Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) worked at the 54th. These precincts are purely fictional. The show goes through great lengths to be realistic. But there are limitations due to the real NYPD. That includes what numbers can be used on Blue Bloods for precincts.

They can’t use any number of an active precinct,” Lt. Noe Campos, of the Movie/TV Unit explained to AM New York. “They use, say, 55 or 12; numbers of precincts that don’t really exist.” There is a loophole around this rule, but the outcome would make filming in public very odd.

Campos continued, “If they do, the numbers get covered up because it can be confusing not only for the public but for other officers.” So if an actor wears a uniform with a real precinct number on it, that actor would have to cover it up when going out in public.

It’s probably a good thing too considering the cast has been taking photos with real police officers while they were out filming. Donnie Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez once took photos with officers from the 108th Precinct in their detective costumes for the show.

There is another person who has been on the job in real life who has come across a star on the show. But this person also called out the actor for one unrealistic aspect about their character on Blue Bloods.

Tom Selleck has also been called out for Frank Reagan wearing unrealistic clothes to work

Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan and Whoopi Goldberg as Regina Thomas on Blue Bloods

Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan and Whoopi Goldberg as Regina Thomas on Blue Bloods | CBS

Precinct numbers aren’t the only things that are unrealistic on Blue Bloods. Tom Selleck has also tried to make his character, Frank Reagan as realistic as possible. Part of that preparation included reading a book by the person who later pointed out to him that there is one thing the fictional commissioner gets wrong about the job.

Bill Bratton, who previously was the police commissioner in New York, reportedly told Selleck that his character wearing a black uniform to work isn’t what the New York commissioner does in real life. “In New York, the commissioner is a civilian,” said telecaster Rikki Klieman. But that isn’t the case everywhere in the country.

So sorry Blue Bloods fans, all of the precinct numbers are fake on the show to avoid confusion and safety. But the show has gone to great lengths to be pretty realistic otherwise.

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