‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Are Calling out the Latest Episode for This Unrealistic Thing with Eddie and Jamie’s Case

The latest episode of Blue Bloods showed Eddie (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie (Will Estes) working closely like the old days. It led to a very dramatic action scene where Eddie had to save her husband.

Some fans loved the story, but others are calling out the episode. Find out why they’re saying it’s unrealistic and more.

Eddie had a case where a cab driver was shot

Vanessa Ray as Eddie Reagan on 'Blue Bloods'
Vanessa Ray as Eddie Reagan on ‘Blue Bloods’ | Patrick Harbron/CBS via Getty Images

In the episode, “Naughty or Nice” Eddie had a new case. She told Jamie there was another cab robbery and there were already five that month. All of them happen early in the morning when they have a lot of cash.

Eddie wants to run a decoy operation to catch this person. He doesn’t think Eddie should do it because only one of the robberies targeted a female driver. After a driver is shot in the back of the head, he revealed that he will be doing the decoy operation instead.

This led to the couple getting into an argument. Eddie thinks he was just being overprotective instead of letting her get the case.

The episode ended with Jamie pretending to be a driver only to be attacked. The attacker almost shoots him in the head, but luckily Eddie was there to save him.

This is the second time Eddie has saved Jamie’s life

This isn’t the first time Jamie was lucky to have Eddie around. She saved his life in the episode, “My Aim Is True.”

A man responsible for multiple homicides pulled up beside his car and tried to shoot him. Eddie ran to his rescue and shot him.

It was then revealed that the partners got engaged. Eddie got to join the Reagan family for dinner for the first time.

Fans noticed the taxi isn’t set like a real one

Many fans found the action scene to be pretty thrilling. Jamie had to drive and take a gun away from the attacker. The attacker was then thrown into the front seat where he managed to pick up the officer’s gun.

There is one thing about the episode that is getting called out. That’s the fact the taxi cab didn’t have a glass between the taxi driver and the passenger.

One fan tweeted, “Therefore an inaccuracy with this cab scene – NYC taxis have a plexiglass barrier btwn [sic] the driver and passenger seat – they’ve been there for years. Very surprised that #BlueBloods let this through.” A fan replied, “I’m surprised there wasn’t a plexiglass either!”

The first fan tweeted back, “Yes, those screens were installed decades ago to protect cabbies. Whoever designed that scene messed up big time. Really surprised, expect more from #BlueBloods.”

The show does try to be realistic when it comes to New York and the job. Blue Bloods is actually filmed in New York City.

Some of the actors also trained in shooting a gun and went through SWAT-type training for their roles. However, this just shows that the show doesn’t always get everything right. It’s possible there was no glass in order to get a cool action scene.