‘Blue Bloods’: Has the Show Done Enough to Help Fans Recover from Linda’s Death?

Blue Bloods had a huge cast shakeup when Amy Carlson, who played Linda Reagan, left the show. It’s been about two seasons since Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) became a widower, but has the show help fans recover from Linda’s death? Here are the things it has done, and the things it hasn’t.

Linda Reagan’s death has been revealed, but what about her killer?

Amy Carlson as Linda with Donnie Wahlberg as Jamie, on Blue Bloods
Amy Carlson as Linda with Donnie Wahlberg as Jamie, on Blue Bloods | Giovanni Rufino/CBS via Getty Images

Fans were shocked to find out they wouldn’t truly be able to say goodbye to Linda Reagan because there wasn’t a death scene. Instead they were told by other characters that she died in a helicopter crash. There was some backlash to this decision and Carlson gave a reaction to it.

I was surprised, but I’m also just so honored that all these fans connected so much with that character,” she told Deadline. “It surprised me, but it really touches my heart that they cared so much about Linda and that she meant so much to so many people, I had no idea, I can’t even tell you how many messages a day I get about her and the character.”

She also said, “I feel badly that she dies the way she dies.” However, the story behind her death later changed. In Season 9, it’s revealed Linda was killed by the cartel. Luis Delgado (Lou Diamond Phillips) revealed this over a video call, but still managed to get away. So there is still some need for closure.

Danny has been told that he needs to move on

The detective has been trucking along solving cases with his partner, Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez.) Linda’s death was mentioned multiple times when he fell on hard times due to work.

In the episode, “Blues” Danny kills a young man and is dealing with that. Henry (Len Cariou) comes to him saying Linda helped him in the past in these situations. When Danny responded with “Yeah, but it wasn’t in the cards.” Henry then said, “So draw a new one.”

Molly Chavez (Stephanie Andujar) also previously hit on Danny. Molly was arrested by Danny before but she came back in “Handcuffs” to ask for his help with her little brother. Danny is referred to as her “cop crush” but he doesn’t wasn’t ready to move on yet.

Molly left him with “I should let you go. But I’m not gonna let you go if you know what I mean.” So the show has laid down some groundwork for Danny to move on.

Fans seem ready for Danny to get a new love interest

Although the people responsible for Linda’s death might still be out there, fans seem to be ready for Danny to move on. The show’s Twitter account shared a cute picture of Danny and Maria together.

Some fans wondered if the tweet meant Danny and Maria might become more than partners in the future. That thought got all kinds of feedback. There were tweets saying they hope they romantically get together.

But not all fans have the same idea. Some tweeted their reasons why and there is another option mentioned for Danny’s future romantic partner.

Although some fans are ready there are still tweets about Linda

There is still one chapter left in Linda’s story and not all fans have forgotten about that.

The good news is that Wahlberg teased that there is more to come with Linda’s story. He tweeted, “stay tuned” to the fan who mentioned the psychic.

Although fans are getting more comfortable with the thought of Danny moving on, there are still those trying to find out more about what happened to her. Luckily, it looks like the show might dive into that.

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