Blue Bloods: How Accurate is the Show?

Blue Bloods cast
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The producers of Blue Bloods go to great lengths to make sure the show appears authentic. However, one question you might have is whether the scenes are in line with the day-to-day life of a New York City police officer. Is Blue Bloods accurate? Here’s what we know.

Retired police officers help the cast maintain accuracy

NYPD police squad car goes to emergency call with alarm
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So, how do the cast and writers maintain accuracy? One thing they do is consult police officers to make sure everything is accurate. Retired police officer Jim Nuciforo is one of their secret weapons, reports AM New York. Among the lessons he taught the show’s producers is that police officers don’t tell criminals to “freeze.” Instead, in a situation where a police officer draws his gun, Nuciforo says an officer would say, “‘POLICE, DON’T MOVE,’” he told the publication.

Real-life stories are used for scripts

Not everything you see on the show is fiction. Sometimes events that happened to Nuciforo are included in the script, according to AM New York. As the show’s consultant he also instructs the actors when it comes to proper firearm use and suspect interaction.

Is Blue Bloods filmed in New York City?

The Statue of Liberty and One World Trade Center in New York City
The Statue of Liberty and One World Trade Center in New York City | spyarm/iStock/Getty Images

Location is important when it comes to making scenes look realistic. That’s why Blue Bloods is filmed in New York City. Most scenes are shot throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.

Blue Bloods producers work with the New York City Police Department and mayor’s office

Another way the producers make sure everything is accurate is by working alongside the NYPD Movie/TV Unit, according to the publication. This division is made up of 26 police officers who work with the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment. The officers come to the Blue Blood’s set, so they can evaluate the show’s props and assist with scenes.

Some actors consult directly with police officers

Tom Selleck
Tom Selleck | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Lt. Noe Campos, an officer who works with the Movie/TV Unit, told the publication some of the actors ask the police department consultants for direction: “Some actors approach us. Even big names do it. They’ll ask, ‘Is it true that a detective would talk to a lieutenant this way?’ We don’t take an active role on the set, but we answer them honestly. The New York City Police Department is the greatest in the world, so we want it presented right,” said Campos in his AM New York interview.

A licensing fee is paid to the New York City Police Department

Since the show uses the NYPD logo, a licensing fee must be paid to the New York City Police Department. Any series that uses the logo is encouraged to arrange this through the department’s production partnership with NYC & Co., according to AM New York. The payment allows the city to make money from the show. Lt. Campos says he likes the idea of the licensing fee: “The money that’s generated through the production industry is money that goes out to social services here in the city. It helps out our schools, it keeps our taxes down. Helps keep our streets clean. This is all money funneled back to the community.”

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