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Every episode of Blue Bloods shows the Reagans having family dinner. It also shows Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) solving a case with his partner, Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez.)

It would be hard to imagine Danny ever retiring from his job as a detective. However, we find out that he has been thinking about it. Find out what he said and where he landed on the idea.

Danny and Maria are still solving cases together on ‘Blue Bloods’

Donnie Wahlberg, Marisa Ramirez on 'Blue Bloods'
Donnie Wahlberg, Marisa Ramirez on ‘Blue Bloods’ | Patrick Harbron/CBS via Getty Images

Season 10 shows that things are business as usual for Danny and Maria. They are continuing to solve cases together and Danny is better after getting the man who murdered Linda (Amy Carlson) behind bars.

Blue Bloods fans are starting to wonder if this will be the season where Danny falls in love. Last season we saw his grandfather talk to him about finding someone new. That’s because Linda would help Danny during the stressful times.

Henry (Len Cariou) said that Danny’s home is “empty.” He then said, “Linda was the one who got you through those others. She also could have gotten through this one.” Danny said that wasn’t in the cards so Henry advised, “So draw a new one.”

He talked about being scared of dying on the job

The death of Linda didn’t just leave Danny lonely. But he had to confront the fear that if he died on the job his sons would then not have either parent.

In the same episode where Henry visits him, he almost dies. Danny came across a gas station when a robbery was in progress. A young man tries to stab him so he shoots him.

This made Danny confront the fact that there is a bigger risk when it comes to the job now. He continued working after that, but it would be understandable if he reconsidered his work given the circumstances.

In the newest episode, we see that Danny has been considering retiring. But will he actually do it?

Danny mentions that he might retire

Danny reconnected with a retired detective named Mike Gee in the episode, “Another Look.” It turns out he is returning to the job. We find out that Danny has thought about retiring himself in their conversation.

“I retired from retirement. I’m back baby,” said Mike. He then said, “I might put another 20 in and be a lifer like you.”

Danny responded with, “Not for nothin’ but I could see myself putting in my papers sometime soon.” Mike said that civilian life isn’t for them.

The detectives revisit the conversation later in the episode. Danny found out that Mike’s son is sick and that’s why he started working again. There is still a question of whether retirement is right for them and Danny brings that back around.

“What you said before about missing the job and not feeling complete without the shield…true or false?” he asked. “It’s true,” Mike answered. Danny then said to himself, “I figured.”

It looks like Danny won’t be retiring any time soon. He would really miss the job. But it is interesting to see that he has thought about it and now has gotten advice from someone who did walk away.