‘Blue Bloods’: Is Frank Reagan As Honorable As We Think?

From the outset, the idea that Blue Bloods Frank Reagan is the most honorable character on TV seems to have held for the last decade. Tom Selleck being so respected in the TV industry only adds to the luster of Frank, even if latter has gone through a lot more sacrifice in life.

Leave it up to Reddit for a random person to question pop culture once again. While a lot of the theories postulated there often have gaping holes in them, someone attempted to put forth the idea of Frank Reagan not being quite as honorable as the show’s built up.

What’s the beef with this Reddit user, and does the person’s argument hold muster? Well, not completely, but it does have one interesting point.

Tom Selleck (Frank Reagan) | John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images

The slightly tarnished honor has nothing to do with Frank’s past

We know Frank Reagan is a Vietnam War hero, plus rescued people from the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks. These elements alone make him a hero in many people’s eyes, including shaping who he’s become as the NYPD police commissioner.

Everything that made Reagan a no-nonsense patrol officer and detective in his former career has also led to his ethical behavior leading the NYPD. In many cases, this means still doing his own investigative work when he has strong hunches about a certain case.

According to the Reddit user who created the less honorable Frank Reagan theory, it mostly relates to the roles of the latter’s family members in the NYPD. Plus, the theory cites a particular relationship he had with one of his colleagues with a past, troubling situation.

If you don’t know Reagan’s backstory, he once went after New York City Councilman Tommy Mancini for domestic abuse. Reagan’s son, Danny, arrested Mancini, leading Frank to not have many friends due to his toughness on this case.

Reddit theory No. 1: Perhaps too much nepotism in the Reagan family

The above Reddit theory contends Frank should have demoted his oldest son, Danny, years ago due to some of the things he’s done to step over the line as a detective. Those of you who’ve watched since Season One know Danny was questioned about his interrogation tactics from the very first episode.

A few other incidents have occurred as well that makes the Reddit user think Frank Reagan should have punished his son through demotion rather than allowing him to rise in the ranks.

When family members are involved in the same career field you are, this sometimes does create a problem in making fair decisions. Then again, the Reddit theory also says Reagan perhaps gave tough love to his other son, Jamie, by not promoting him to detective. Maybe Frank really is playing favorites with his own children.

Should there be any truth to this, it’s only a human action and not ruining his honorable career.

Another side of the theory: Frank’s possible lack of reason

To continue the theory, the Reddit user scoped out another possible Frank Reagan fault: Letting colleague Lt. Perez get away with keeping quiet about the domestic abuse situation with Tommy Mancini. Some fans think Reagan should have brought the same punishment to Perez as he has to others close to him who’ve done wrong.

You could argue there’s some selective reasoning going on with Frank, making him imperfect. Then again, many counter this Reddit theory with the idea Jamie’s lack of career progression was only his own choice. Danny’s transgressions have also calmed in recent years, making any demotion possibility unreasonable.

Only a few incidents involving the Mancini case make Reagan look slightly imperfect, despite those looking paltry compared to other egregious acts seen within the NYPD.

Let’s still consider Frank Reagan an honorable person who can never be a complete saint when ringmastering so many different people.