‘Blue Bloods’: Is the Show Starting to Become Too Boring?

After 10 seasons, any show might start to show some sense of writer fatigue, which may say a lot about how long dramas and comedies should run. In the case of Blue Bloods, the show has stayed compelling for a decade. That is, until this season where fans now think the show hit a wall of stagnation.

Reddit some proof of Blue Bloods arguably faltering a little, maybe due to the above-mentioned writer burnout.

Is this perception for real, or should the fans just be patient until things get better? One thing for sure is this might be the final season to appreciate one of the greatest dramas on TV.

Season 10 seems to be off to a slow start

Tom Selleck in an episode of Blue Bloods
Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck | Jojo Whilden/CBS via Getty Images

One of the biggest complaints for the beginning of the tenth season is there isn’t much story going on three episodes in. A Reddit user started a thread saying how dull BB is so far, something not typical. In past season premieres, we usually saw some powerhouse stories developing by now.

Most of the ardent viewers of the show expect a cops and robbers type of plot from the get-go each season. So far this season, there’s been a slight change of pace, including overlooking any mention of Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko’s wedding (aka Jamko). Also, fans say, they’re tired of Frank constantly fighting with his daughter, Erin.

In addition to this, the show is starting more in-fighting among the female characters at the NYPD. Some viewers are also tired of this rehashed plot point.

Does this mean Blue Bloods is doing what other aging shows do and repeating old story lines? Or is this all just a deception toward something bigger happening later?

Yes, ‘Blue Bloods’ sometimes builds to bigger stories

Let’s not overlook the fact that the show sometimes sets up a casual pattern until things take a turn with one of the Reagan family members having a problem. Sometimes those personal scenarios are more than a little scary and usually criminal-oriented. Yes, quite a few times, it’s involved Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg).

Perhaps because this could be the last season of the show, things will go in a crazy direction before the November sweeps. By then, there may be a lot of interesting situations developing, no doubt involving the Reagan family in some capacity.

Nevertheless, we have to think the writers are probably burned out after all these years. CBS has only committed to renewing the series one season at a time. As this happens, we don’t really know how the writing team feels about continuing. Most of the renewals now seem based squarely on whether Tom Selleck wants to return.

We’ll have to wait and see whether the writers have some aces up their sleeves. They can’t sputter out before they have a chance to create a compelling, new story arc other than relatively harmless ones recently involving Eddie and Nicky.

We’re sure something is up, and it may test loyalty in the Reagan family

There is one thing we never think is old on Blue Bloods, and that’s the family dinner scenes. These are some of the most awaited family moments in all of television in recent years.

Even though we’ve reported on how difficult the dinner segments are to film (still perplexing they take eight hours to shoot), it’s where the Reagan family can really shoot off steam. While we’ve seen a few heated arguments, don’t be shocked if something really heated occurs eventually.

Will we see a more serious rift develop between Frank and Erin? Will Danny end up going over the line again in his job as he did in earlier seasons?

Everyone should probably buckle up, because it’s hard to imagine this show will quietly go into the night if it ultimately wraps this coming spring. The ultimate showdown is testing the love and devotion of the Reagans as they’ve always shown us through those intimate conversations at the dinner table.