‘Blue Bloods’: How the Producers Made This Intense Scene Look Realistic

In “Blue Bloods” season nine, episode one, viewers are treated to an action-packed scene where Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) run into a burning building so they can save the people inside. Here’s how the “Blue Bloods” production team made it all look so real.

This ‘Blue Bloods’ episode was part of a series

Will Estes and Vanessa Ray |  Richard Boeth/CBS via Getty Images
Will Estes and Vanessa Ray | Richard Boeth/CBS via Getty Images

In a special interview for CBS, Vanessa Ray says “Playing with Fire” was part of a series of “Blue Bloods” episodes that had a running theme. This isn’t typical for the show, as they usually air episode that stand alone. “Typically, on our show, they’re kind of standalone episodes. This is one that sort of picked up right where the end of season eight left off,” Ray says.

How they made the fire scene in ‘Playing with Fire’ look realistic

In “Blue Bloods” season nine, episode one, we see Janko and Reagan run into a burning building. How did they make the dramatic fire scene look so real? Will Estes told CBS that producer/director Dave Barrett helped the scene come to life. “There was actually three scenes that Dave Barrett, our producer/director extraordinaire, shot in one take,” said Estes. Ray said the scene was a lot of fun for her. Although the fire scene looked dangerous, Ray says there wasn’t any fire on the set. The flames were actually special effects that were added digitally.

“Blue Bloods” producer John Mabry further explained how the scene was completed. “How do you film a building burning down, people going in and out, not only the cast, but the crew that has to work around them in an environment like that? So, for a mixture of different reasons, the decision was to shoot on location, and then we’re going to add all of the fire later,” said Mabry.

Ray said the fire scene required her and Estes to get creative with the way they worked. “We were playing with a bunch of dots and smoke,” said Ray. “It was a pretty cool scene to get to kick it all off with.” Mabry said he was pleased with the way everything worked out. “It really came out to be a thrilling sequence,” he added.     

Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan gets a disturbing piece of information  

Donnie Walberg’s character Danny Reagan also had a few thrilling scenes in “Playing with Fire.” It was in this episode that he finds out Linda’s death wasn’t an accident. In her CBS interview, “Blue Bloods” writer Siobhan Byrne-O’Connor said she decided to give Wahlberg this storyline after having a conversation with him and writing the script. “It was only in writing it, and also a conversation with Donnie, where we said, ‘It would be really cool if it turns out that not only is he able to get the cartel, but he finds out someone in the cartel ordered a hit on Linda and her death wasn’t really an accident at all,” said Byrne-O’Connor.

Wahlberg told CBS he enjoyed working with veteran actor Lou Diamond Phillips for more than one episode. “Probably my favorite part of the whole trilogy with Lou Diamond Phillips was the decision to make it a trilogy, which was decided literally on the day while shooting a scene where we find his character’s body.”

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