‘Blue Bloods’: Some Fans Want These Two Characters Gone

Blue Bloods’ loyal fans have been following the Reagan family through 10 seasons of drama, love, and loss. The large and law enforcing family is well-loved by many people, with a couple of notable exceptions.

Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) and her daughter Nicky (Sami Gayle) are on the receiving end of many complaints from people who watch the show regularly. Fans overwhelmingly find this mother/daughter duo to be irritating. Will the views of fans result in the characters being removed from the series?

Why do fans dislike Erin Reagan on ‘Blue Bloods’?

Bridget Moynahan filming on location for "Blue Bloods."
Bridget Moynahan plays Erin Reagan on ‘Blue Bloods.’ | Bobby Bank/WireImage

In a family full of cops, Erin went a different direction. She’s the Assistant District Attorney, and so her job is focused on upholding the law. The rest of the family are police officers, with much more contact with the gritty reality of the street.

While they are most concerned with catching criminals, Erin’s focus is ensuring that the legal requirements are met to prosecute those criminals. This inevitably leads to conflict, and fans of Blue Bloods are generally fans of the police. Seeing Erin lecture her brothers — and even her father, the Police Commissioner — does not sit well with them. 

In discussions on Reddit, Erin often gets criticized for sticking to the letter of the law and never admitting she’s wrong. This comes across as arrogant to some people, who prefer the way the men of the family wrestle with moral gray areas of real life. One commenter even described her as a “melodramatic Girl Scout.” People have called her uptight and an ice princess

Why do fans dislike Nicky on ‘Blue Bloods’?

As a college student, Nicky is pretty typical. She’s interested in liberal issues, and she’s passionate about what she believes. The rest of the family are much more conservative, and this can lead to situations where people feel as though Nicky is lecturing her older and wiser relatives.

As one fan commented on Reddit: “Her vapid Left-slanting progressive rantings are common amongst people her age.” And not many die-hard Blue Bloods fans are interested in hearing talking points from that point of view. 

Then again, some people feel that she’s not that good at showing a liberal viewpoint at all. Her arguments are emotional, leaving the impression that there are no solid facts to back her up. This isn’t that unusual in young adults, but since Nicky is one of the few left-leaning voices on the show, people may expect too much from her. 

Will Nicky be kicked off of ‘Blue Bloods’?

During a recent family dinner, Nicky announced that she was flying to San Francisco to go to a job interview. This sure looks like a hint that she’ll be leaving, and for lots of fans it’s something they’ve been waiting for a long time. But as much people have hoped for this, Erin and Nicky fill important roles in the show. 

Most people tune into Blue Bloods to enjoy the fast-action police work. Seeing their favorite family of cops taking down the bad guys is satisfying, and so the voices of Erin and Nicky interrupt what they tune in for.

For these fans, Erin’s legal nit-picking and Nicky’s idealistic declarations are not what the show is about. They’d rather focus on the police work and forget about the rest. 

But that’s not how life — or drama — works. Differing points of view make a story more interesting, and even within the most loving of families, people have conflicting viewpoints. Erin and Nicky fulfill important roles in the show, providing balance and interesting friction.

If Nicky bows out then Erin will be left as the sole dissenting voice in the Reagan family. And if fans find her irritating now, just imagine what they’ll think of her then.