‘Blue Bloods’: The 1 Character That Feels Completely Out of Place

Blue Bloods is a show that has done surprisingly well and has amassed a strong fan base. Most of the characters are well-liked by the fans and complement one another nicely, but there are exceptions. There’s one character that feels completely out of place on the show.

Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods
Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Frank (Tom Selleck) | Barbara Nikke/CBS via Getty Images

The ‘Blue Bloods’ character that doesn’t quite fit

While most of the characters have stories that work well together, there is one character who seems to clash. It’s not the actress isn’t very good in the role, or that the character is underdeveloped, it’s just that she doesn’t work smoothly into the overall tone of the show.

The character is Maggie the Psychic. She made her debut on Blue Bloods in season nine when she helped determine that what looked like suicide was actually a murder. Her input was useful and helped solve the case.

While she was adorable and had good chemistry with both Danny and Maria, fans noted that a psychic didn’t fit with the overall theme of the show and felt more like a writer’s tool than anything else.

Maggie the Psychic is played by Callie Thorne. Based on backstage photos, it looks like she not only gets along with the rest of the Blue Blood’s cast but that she is a lot of fun to work with. 

Setting up a love interest for Danny

While Maggie the Psychic might not seem like she flows well with the Blue Bloods’ cast of characters, it sounds like she might be coming back for far meatier reasons than pointing detectives in the right direction.

It sounds like this time around she is going to play a massive role in Danny’s character arc. According to the Callie Thorne, this time around Maggie’s function is getting under Danny’s skin.

While irritating Danny might not seem like a difficult thing to do, or even one that is very monumental considering that’s exactly what she did the last time the pair connected, it’s possible that Maggie is setting up Danny for a new love interest, allowing him to finally start moving forward from the death of his wife, Linda. 

After speaking to Maggie and having her point out that he’s still wearing his wedding band and clearly hasn’t allowed himself to move on, Danny slips the ring from his finger, which is usually a very monumental moment in a character’s overall arc, and used to show that their heart has truly begun to heal.

This almost always paves the way for a new love interest to come into the picture.

The speculation that Danny is about to get a new love interest isn’t based solely on Maggie’s reappearance on Blue Bloods, Donnie Wahlberg who plays Danny, alluded to the same thing in a recent Parade interview.

“I think the door’s open for Danny to move forward, and I definitely don’t want to rush personally. I don’t want to skip over the healing process, and I don’t think the audience should either. I think it would be a disservice to them for Danny to just show up in a nightclub with a new girl or show up at the house.” He went on to share how both he and the fans have high expectations regarding the next woman Danny falls for. “Absolutely, it has to be the right person. I’m not precious about Danny, but I am precious about the audience of Blue Bloods. They’re loyal and dedicated fans, and I don’t want to do a disservice to them and their loyalty throughout the years. It’s bad enough that Linda is gone. They were heartbroken, and nobody more than me.”

Do you think that Maggie’s reappearance is the first step in helping heal Danny’s heart? Do you think the next love of his life is lurking right around the next corner? Do you think the character will fall for someone who is already on the show’s canvas or will the writers introduce a brand-new character?