‘Blue Bloods’: The Biggest Reason Why the Show Got Renewed for Season 10

Blue Bloods has consistently been one of the top-rated shows on TV since the series debut in 2010. With the combined elements of star power, intriguing storylines, commitment to accuracy, and top-quality writing, Blue Bloods quickly secured a spot as one of America’s favorite TV shows.

Recently, fans of the show got a reason to celebrate when Blue Bloods was renewed for a 10th season. The statement announcing the upcoming season went into detail about why the long-running show is so beloved, and some of the reasons for its astounding success.

‘Blue Bloods’ features big-name stars

One reason for the popularity of Blue Bloods, at least in the beginning, was the roster of star talent the show featured. The ’80s icon Tom Selleck stars as Frank Reagan, a New York City Police Commissioner. The commissioner runs his department (and his family) with a tough but loving hand, and his house provides the backdrop for many of the series storylines. His role in Blue Bloods was somewhat of a career resurgence for Selleck, and it is likely that his casting on the show brought in a whole audience of people who remembered him from his days of Magnum, P.I. — audience members that might not have otherwise tuned in to a weekly cop drama.

Singing star Donnie Wahlberg portrays Danny Reagan, while Bridget Moynahan plays Frank’s daughter Erin Reagan. Blue Bloods has also featured a wide variety of guest stars and series regulars, including Jennifer Esposito, Vanessa Ray, and Sami Gayle. 

‘Blue Bloods’ is very realistic

From the very beginning, Blue Bloods has been committed to providing viewers with an accurate depiction of routine NYPD procedures. The show is unique among other cop dramas in that they have a technical advisor who is actually a veteran of the New York City police department. James Nuciforo worked with the city for more than 25 years, and now personally reviews every script of Blue Bloods for accuracy. Nuciforo adds all kinds of additional elements to each script in order to create a more accurate, intriguing show – everything from the jargon that on-duty police officers use to ways they interact with families and victims.

The Blue Bloods cast has also dedicated their time to learn more about the New York City police force. Members of the cast have visited gun ranges, taken advanced weapons classes, and even gone through SWAT-type training in order to better prepare for their roles as police officers. 

Fans love the family atmosphere on ‘Blue Bloods’

Probably the biggest reason that fans flock to the show week after week is the real family at the heart of the show. In the statement from CBS announcing season ten, showrunners revealed that the show’s “familial warmth” plays a big role in drawing in and retaining the fanbase. One of the staple moments on the show and something that is featured every week is the big family dinner that takes place at Frank Reagan’s house. The Reagan family gathers around the table and discusses the events of the big, or any big overhanging issues that need to be resolved.

The family dinner is a motif that was utilized a great deal in shows of the past but is not often featured in modern television. The inclusion of these scenes in Blue Bloods proves that not only is there still a place for heartwarming family moments in television, audiences actually crave them. Blue Bloods clearly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and fans of the successful show will be able to enjoy even more Reagan family drama when the tenth season premieres later in 2019.