‘Blue Bloods’: The Reagans Call Back to When Dinner Was Changed for Henry

The Reagans have family dinner every week on Blue Bloods, and they don’t always reflect on the past. But the newest episode showed them breaking down their dinner rules. They mentioned the time dinner changed for Henry (Len Cariou).

The Reagans talked about family dinner rules on ‘Blue Bloods’

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The episode, “In the Name of the Father” showed Joe (Will Hochman) going to dinner with his mother, Paula (Bonnie Somerville). She asked if they really have dinner together every week.

“Every single solitary Sunday,” Erin (Bridget Moynahan) told her. They made it known that they never cancel family dinner. That includes if someone’s sick. “You wash your hands and take a seat,” Joe told his mother.

“Unless it’s more serious like when grandpa had a heart attack,” Erin said. “In that case family dinner comes to you,” Jamie said. Birthdays are also not an exception and you have to come.

There is a rule against phones at the dinner table. Frank (Tom Selleck) did break that in the episode by answering his phone to find out the news of Joe being the son of Joe Reagan is out to the public.

Henry had a stroke before Thanksgiving

Len Cariou as Henry on 'Blue Bloods'
Len Cariou as Henry on ‘Blue Bloods’ | Craig Blankenhorn/CBS via Getty Images

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The scene has a call back to the season 2 episode, “Thanksgiving.” The episode showed Henry having a stroke right before the holiday. Luckily, Linda (Amy Carlson) was there and she got him to the hospital.

Henry had to get an operation to remove a blockage that was affecting his heart. The episode ended with the family going to the hospital. They still had dinner together by setting a table in the hospital. They brought a full turkey, wine, and more to enjoy together.

The episode ended with Henry saying grace. He also thanked Linda for being there to save him.

New people have recently been invited to dinner

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Dinner is mandatory for everyone in the Reagan family. But there are some people who don’t come regularly anymore.

Nicky (Sami Gayle) moved to California for work so she is sometimes not sitting at the table. Jack (Tony Terraciano) also left to go to college. But the family had new family and friends join them.

Eddie (Vanessa Ray) joined them a few years ago once she got engaged to Jamie. Baez (Marisa Ramirez) also ate with the Reagans after getting hurt on the job.

This new episode made it seem like Joe and Paula are welcome to eat on Sunday if they want to come. It’s still unclear if they’ll take them up on the offer. Joe has turned down Jamie’s (Will Estes) offer before. Paula also didn’t look happy about other people finding out Joe’s father is a Reagan.