‘Blue Bloods’: What Else Have the Show’s Creators Worked On?

Blue Bloods is a popular crime drama television series that revolves around a family of New York City cops, the Reagans. The family is headed by family patriarch and New York City commissioner, Frank Reagan (played by Tom Selleck). The rest of the family is spread out through different departments and consistsĀ mostly of Frank’s children.

Since Frank himself is a second-generation police officer, this makes the Reagan family a three-generation cop family – with promise of future generations to follow.

The show, which debuted in 2010, was created as a joint venture between Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green. BesidesĀ Blue Bloods, what else have they worked on? We have the answers.

Blue Bloods
Gabriel Rush and Vanessa Ray on the set of ‘Blue Bloods’ | Bobby Bank/GC Images

Who are Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green?

Mitchell Burgess is an American writer and producer from Rhode Island. For his efforts in the film industry, Burgess has been awarded three Primetime Emmy Awards, as well as awards from the PGA, Writers Guild of America, and the Online Film and Television Association. 

Robin Green is the wife of Mitchell Burgess, and is also a writer and producer from Rhode Island. She often works with her husband, although the two have also worked on some separate projects during their careers. Green’s writing and production pursuits have also earned her several accolades. These include four Primetime Emmy Awards, as well as recognition from the Online Film and Television association, PGA, and Writers Guild of America. 

Not much is known about their private relationship, except that the two met while attending the University of Iowa. While uncertain how long the two have been married, it is known that their relationship has been a long-lasting one.

What else has Mitchell Burgess worked on?

Although Mitchell Burgess primarily works on projects with his wife, he did write the film Critical Choices as an independent project. The made-for-television movie is a dramatic telling of “the evaporation of our rights in America.”

The story centers around an abortion clinic worker named Margaret, and a right wing abolitionist named Arlene. 

What else has Robin Green worked on?

Robin Green has also done some independent writing projects apart from her extensive work with her husband.

This includes writing one episode for each Almost Grown and Capital News. Green also wrote three episodes for the popular television series, A Year in The Life

What else have Burgess and Green worked on together?

The husband/wife team both worked as writers for the incredibly popular HBO television series, The Sopranos, under head creator, David Chase. Debuting on the air in 1999, The Sopranos took a very different approach to the typical mobster movies seen previously. In it, a mob boss from New Jersey named Tony Soprano seeks the help of a therapist when dealing with both personal and professional issues. When the show finally ended in 2007, fans everywhere grieved the loss of one of their favorite television series. 

A significantly earlier project that Burgess and Green worked on together was the 1990’s television series, Northern Exposure. Both worked as writers, with Green doing the teleplay for one episode and Burgess controlling the story for another. The series focused around a doctor who was fresh out of medical school and is forced to set up practice in a very small, very eccentric town in Alaska. 

The writing couple also worked together on an episode of American Gothic, a single episode of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a episode of Southland, and four episodes of the popular television series, Party of Five. Burgess and Green also co-wrote the film Skip Tracer together. 

Skip Tracer is a made-for-television movie that focuses around a skip tracer who finds missing people for his clients. The film aired on television in 2008, and was set in Los Angeles, California.