‘Blue Bloods’: What Kind of Wedding Dress Will Eddie Janko Wear in the Finale?

The long-awaited Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) wedding episode of Blue Bloods is almost here. Photos have been released of the upcoming episode and that includes the dress she will wear. What more do we know about the wedding gown? Here is everything you need to know and more.

Vanessa Ray said her husband weighed in on Eddie’s dress

Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko on Blue Bloods
Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko on Blue Bloods | John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images

Erin was usually seen in her police uniform until she started her relationship with Jamie. Ray joked with TV Insider, “I forgot what my body looked like in real clothes.” Now fans will get to see her in a wedding dress.

Blue Bloods fans watched Nicky (Sami Gayle) and Erin (Bridget Moynahan) help Eddie go wedding dress shopping. However, Ray got a different kind of help behind the scenes of the show.

Ray said that Moynahan did help her pick a dress, but she also “snuck in” her husband, Landon Beard. He gave her his opinion on the dress.

The dress is a strapless Marisa Collection champagne lace A-line gown

Photos of the upcoming episode have been released. Some show Eddie in her wedding dress and it’s a similar style as the one she tried on in a previous episode.

According to the Herald & Review, she is wearing a strapless Marisa Collection champagne lace A-line gown. The dress doesn’t seem to be included in their collection on their website.

The chosen dress is a little different from the one we saw Eddie trying on before. It seems like the character was always going to go for a strapless A-line with lace. However, she switched went away from a sweetheart neckline on her big day.

Ray said the dress was so tight it bruised her ribs

The dress looked great on Eddie, and that’s probably due to many fittings. The actress revealed what it was like to wear it.

It was fitted so well that my ribs were bruised after wearing it all day,” said Ray according to TV Insider. However, she seems to be excited for fans to see all the hard work that went into the important episode.

“It’s cool that we can give the audience this special moment, displaying Jamie and Eddie’s love and the family’s love for them,” she said.

Will Estes also got dressed up for the affair. “We had over 400 people, amazing flowers, and a beautiful church,” he said. “And I wore a morning suit and tails!”

Fans have been waiting a long time for the couple to get together. They also have been waiting all season to watch the wedding. Chances are they will be emotional while watching, but it sounds like it was emotional to film too. “We were all moved,” said Estes.

Everyone definitely looks their best in the photos. Fans will have to see how the wedding actually plays out. The Blue Bloods episode, “Something Blue” airs Friday, May 10, 10/9c on CBS.

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