‘Blue Bloods’: When Will Dylan Walsh Make His Debut as Mayor Peter Chase?

Blue Bloods has a large cast given the number of people in the Reagan family and all the people who work with them. It’s growing again in season 10 because Dylan Walsh joined the cast to play Mayor Peter Chase.

His character will interact with Erin (Bridget Moynahan.) Find out when he will make his debut and more about his character.

We will be seeing less of this one Reagan character

The new season revealed that there is one Reagan that is ready to leave the nest. That would be Nicky (Sami Gayle), who got a job far away.

She got a job at a start-up company that finds people for localized socially responsible investments like minority start-ups and green initiatives in economically challenged urban areas. That means she is moving to San Francisco.

“I’ll be living in one of the economically challenged neighborhoods I’m helping so rent will be manageable,” she told the family in an episode. There is some advice that Frank (Tom Selleck) gave her for when she’s away and gets stuck.

“You take that out and you think hard about what the advice would be,” he told her. “Where the sympathies would lie if you were talking it out with us at this table.”

This the second kid to leave the home. Jack (Tony Terraciano) left last season to go to college. He made a return by appearing in the season 10 premiere for family dinner.

Dylan Walsh joined the ‘Blue Bloods’ cast for season 10

Dylan Walsh
Dylan Walsh | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Feld Enteratinment

There is another change that is happening on Blue Bloods. One of the original characters is leaving and there will be a new face this season.

Dylan Walsh joined the cast. Many fans might know him for playing Dr. Sean McNamara on Nip/Tuck.

He is playing a newly elected mayor of New York City named Peter Chase. The character is reportedly focused on championing the middle class.

He will appear in the Nov. 15 episode

According to TV Insider, the new character will appear in the Nov. 15 episode. The episode is called “Friends in High Places,” and the mayor will offer Erin an opportunity. There is still a question of whether she will accept it.

Deadline claimed that his character is a “pragmatic businessman.” He believes Erin can help him fulfill his campaign promises. She realizes that this partnership could lead to a conflict.

Henry (Len Cariou) will also be going up against Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) because the grandfather works as an investigative consultant for child services and they disagree over a case. Frank has to work out a dispute between the FDNY and NYPD. Eddie’s (Vanessa Ray) partner, Kenneth Troy (Eric Troy Miller) is being investigated and Jamie (Will Estes) looks into it.

We know that Erin takes her work for the District’s Attorney Office very seriously. She previously went up against her father this season because there was a list kept of police officers who weren’t considered trustworthy in court.

We will have to wait see what the mayor will need from her, and how she will deal with this new dilemma.