‘Blue Bloods’: Where Will Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko Have Their Wedding?

Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods | CBS

Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) are starting to plan their wedding in Season 9 of Blue Bloods. One of the biggest things they have to nail down is where they will exchange vows. Of course, they got help from the rest of the Reagans to find the perfect place at family dinner. So where will they get hitched? Here is everything fans looking forward to the Blue Bloods wedding needs to know.

Eddie Janko and Jamie Reagan settled on having their wedding at St. Andrews

Will Estes and Vanessa Ray on Blue Bloods

Will Estes and Vanessa Ray on Blue Bloods | CBS

Eddie brought up the wedding at family dinner in the episode, “Stirring the Pot.” She asked everyone if there are any family traditions they should keep in mind while planning the wedding. Erin (Bridget Moynahan) simply answered, “Well, church.”

But which church should the young couple choose? Erin got married at Point O’Woods because her husband’s family spent time there over generations. Frank (Tom Selleck) got married at a beautiful church that was torn down and now there is a Home Depot. Of course, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) mentioned Long Island being a possibility. But it was the family’s patriarch who gave the perfect solution.

“Why not St. Andrews?” asked Henry (Len Cariou) “I got married there. We go to church there every Sunday. That’s about as strong a family tradition as you could ask for.” When Eddie turned to Jamie for his opinion he said, “Okay by me.”

Fans should probably expect family and partnership to be centered in their wedding

Vanessa Ray and Will Estes in Blue Bloods

Vanessa Ray and Will Estes in Blue Bloods | CBS

There are still many things that need to come together for the big day. Like a specific wedding date and where they will go for the wedding. Blue Bloods showrunner Kevin Wade was asked if the wedding will happen in Season 9. He told TV Insider, “We’re not rushing to marry them. We’ll come back and start to tell stories of how they go about their jobs or as separated out on the job.”

Given the couple has started off with family traditions to plan the big day, fans should probably expect that to be the focus of their wedding. Also, the actors don’t want their characters to completely change just because they’re romantically involved.

Will [Estes] was cautious, at first, and rightly so,” Wade told Entertainment Weekly “because he had the fear that, frankly, he had every right to have: ‘Are we going to be playing scenes where we’re holding hands, gazing into each other across a checkered tablecloth in a dimly lit restaurant?’ I assured him we had no interest in writing those stories, and I know he has no interest in playing them.”

So the two have at least decided to go with one Reagan family tradition for their wedding. We all still have to wait to find out what else will be part of their big day.

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