‘Blue Bloods’: Who Could Be Returning for Family Dinner for the 200th Episode?

The Reagans will have more family dinners in season 10 of Blue Bloods. Donnie Wahlberg recently shared a picture of the cast filming that teases who could be returning for the 200th episode. Who will pull up a chair with the Reagan family? Here is everything you need to know.

Jack Reagan wasn’t in season 9 as much

The ‘Blue Bloods’ cast in “The Forgotten” | Craig Blankenhorn/CBS via Getty Images

Tony Terraciano plays Jack Reagan and was one of the people who were always there for family dinner. That changed in season 9 because his character went away to college.

In real life, Terraciano took a break from the show to also go to college at Pelham. Andrew Terraciano is his real brother who plays Sean Reagan. He stayed behind and we got to see Sean and Danny adjust to being without him.

Lenny Ross is Frank Reagan’s first partner

Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) had Lenny Ross (Treat Williams) as a partner back in the day. Lenny doesn’t have the clean record that Frank has, but he has been getting better.

He was last seen in season 9 in the episode, “Close Calls.” Lenny warned Frank that there will be an exposé coming out about the NYPD. Previously the character was in season 8 accused of a crime.

A new photo shows both might be at the family dinner table for the upcoming episode

The cast has been back to work to film episodes for the next season. Donnie Wahlberg posted a photo of the cast filming a family dinner scene. It was captioned with, “Shooting Family Dinner Scene number 200 today on the set of @bluebloods_cbs! Hard to believe we’ve been doing this for 10 seasons! #Blessed #Thankful#BlueBloods200.”

There are a few familiar faces with Frank, Jamie (Will Estes), Erin (Bridget Moynahan), Eddie (Vanessa Ray), Nicky (Sami Gayle.) However, we see a few people that we haven’t seen in a while at the table as well.

It looks like Williams is back as Lenny Ross and is sitting next to Gayle. Tony Terraciano is also sitting next to Estes as well so Jack is back from college. The meal looks a little different given some of the family members have mallets by their plates as if they’re having seafood instead of their usual meal.

What occasion would bring both characters to family dinner? It will probably be a while until we find out the answer.

Season 9 left off with the cast gathering for Eddie and Jamie’s wedding. Fans got to see the rehearsal dinner where Frank talked about Eddie choosing to walk down the aisle.

The episode ended with Eddie changing her mind and having her new father-in-law walk her to the altar. Fans weren’t exactly happy with this because they didn’t get to see the former police officer partners exchange vows. There was a theory that the new season will pick up to show that, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

One thing fans can look forward to is celebrating 200 episodes in the new season. It looks like we’ll see a lot of familiar faces for the occasion.