‘Blue Bloods’: Why Are the Family Dinners the Favorite Part of the Show?

Now in its 10th season, Blue Bloods focusses around the lives of a multigenerational family of New York City police officers. The show stars Tom Selleck and his mustache. He is the family’s patriarch, and all his children are in law enforcement in some capacity. Together they fight crime and help keep the city safe.

Selleck’s sweet stache is not the only thing this show is known for. Viewers also tune in for the Sunday family dinner scenes that come with every episode. The scenes have become a trademark for the show, differentiating itself from other, similar programming.

From the first episode of the series, the Reagan family has gotten together for dinner to catch up each week. These scenes are not just important to the producers, writers, and actors, but the fans have grown to love them too. Here’s why the family dinners are a favorite part of the show.

How the ‘Blue Bloods’ dinner scenes help the characters

Tom Selleck
Tom Selleck | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

If we pretend for a minute that these characters are real, then we could see how important the dinners are for each of them. They all have their own lives, and getting together every week keeps their bond strong.

It also helps them get out their frustrations. Many times they talk about work, so from the character’s perspective eating together is a release. Some of them have secrets they’re keeping from the family, we’re talking about you, Jamie. The dinners help them stay close, even during the times that they are distancing themselves, or questioning their family.

Why ‘Blue Bloods’ writers need the dinner scenes

Some people have wondered why these family dinners are in every episode. It has become a staple of the show. Doing this allows the writers to bring each character together.

It shows that they are aren’t just a bunch of different scenes edited together, but that they are a family. Even though they all have a different job to do, to investigate, find, and eventually charge the bad guys, they are more than just colleagues.

Without these family dinners, this show would be a lot like all the other cop dramas on TV. This is the writers’ way of separating Blue Bloods from the herd, and fans are eating it up.

Why do fans like the ‘Blue Bloods’ dinner scenes?

For many fans, this is the reason they keep coming back to the show. Ten seasons is impressive for any show, but this genre comes with steep competition. Plus, it also airs on Friday nights, which is traditionally a bad spot.

People keep tuning in to see the family eat together. They enjoy seeing them fight and work it out. There is something very natural about the family dynamics of the show, and many people can relate to it. They might not always get along, but they still find a way to support each other.

What do ‘Blue Bloods’ cast members have to say about the Sunday dinners?

Bridget Moynahan plays Erin Reagan, an Assistant District Attorney. She told People Now in an interview that they actually do eat during filming. She admitted that during these scenes she would eat mashed potatoes for the first couple years. After a while, she started switching to healthier choices, because taping would last for four hours.

Moynahan is not the only star that enjoys eating together. Tom Selleck said that they are his favorite parts of the show. He said that it gives all the cast members a chance to catch up with each other. According to him, they often act “silly” during filming

In the end, the reason people think family dinners are the best part is that it’s no longer the norm. The older generation remembers eating with their family and getting together. The younger generation likely finds the dynamic of family meals exciting and entertaining.