‘Blue Bloods’: Why Do Fans Love It So Much When the Reagans Argue With Each Other?

You can’t really have a drama about cops and family without having some form of arguing. When you look at the Reagans in Blue Bloods, those arguments become a lot more emotional considering how much respect this family has received from viewers. Case in point is how Commissioner Frank Reagan is already a hero from 9/11 and looked upon as a true leader for the NYPD.

When you have someone this respected at the dinner table, there’s going to be some interesting discussions. Fortunately, the Reagans don’t become so argumentative to a point of starting immature food fights. They’re an intelligent family, though the show keeps things real in the arguments they have about personal and police matters.

Based on the video evidence, fans love these argumentative moments for a good reason.

The Reagans made arguing at dinner an art form

Blue Bloods
Blue Bloods | John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images

Go back and watch some of the famous arguments around the Reagan dinner table and you’ll see how much like real life it is. Most American families have tense arguments rather than fall-down fights when eating dinner together.

On top of it, many families simply don’t take time to communicate around a dinner table anymore. This is one reason fans love the Reagans so much because they take the time to talk things out around a long table during dinner. It’s a bit of a throwback to a different time when digital phones and tablets didn’t exist as distractions.

Notice the Reagans aren’t looking at their phones when eating together. They take time to talk about real issues, more or less a good example of what all families should still be doing.

A Reagan family argument usually has some kind of outcome


We have to admit not all arguments at the Reagan table are friendly ones. You may remember when Jamie and Danny Reagan had a major disagreement about a police matter in a recent episode. They almost started a fistfight at the table, but Frank Reagan yelled out to abide by the table rules.

Fortunately, the two brothers did, showing how much the family respects what goes on during dinner. Then again, things could easily deteriorate quickly if Frank Reagan isn’t sitting up front.

When you consider how much Reagan has seen and done, a small fight between his own sons is probably small potatoes. He still knows the importance of having someone lead at the table to diffuse any tense arguments.

The good news is all their arguments end up being resolved simply because they’re all transparent about their problems. These dinners (plus the food) are also real.

The cast does a good job of making the arguments seem real

You may already know the cast really does eat around that table, even if they often just pretend to eat due to the required long takes. A catering company provides the food, giving the cast some edible props to use when portraying intense conversations.

Thanks to the cast being like a real family, the arguments also don’t sound scripted. If you’ve seen enough Reagan family arguments, you know they sound spontaneous.

Many of the issues they argue over are also real-world issues, which makes the show such a favorite. It’s safe to say millions of families likely have similar arguments, even if not necessarily at a dinner table where they belong.

Will ‘Blue Bloods’ inspire families to have more valuable dinner table arguments?

Those of you who’ve watched Blue Bloods all along may have already learned a lot about how to better communicate with your family. Even those who watch casually may have taken some things from the Reagans in learning how to argue constructively.

Perhaps many more households have gone back to having dinner around a large table rather than eating in separate rooms or at different times. If there’s any great legacy to Blue Bloods and the Reagans, it’s in making the great American values of the past look cool again.